Silver Bubster F3
Silver Bubster F3
55-60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

Cannabis Seeds Lineage

SSH/NL x SoCalMaster kush

Marijuana Seeds Description

We at the farm have been working this line for 5 generations. It all started with a cross from a male SSH/NL x SoCalMaster kush female. The SSH/NL was worked for at least 6 generations itself to come up with a plant that does well inside and out while maintaining the yield, color hues and harvest windows. It was bred for stability and uniformity and was a great choice in finding a male that would carry her genes into the MasterKush genes. The next generation we found an exceptional male that resembled the Master kush . It carried through the stature, vigor, color, taste, and high profiles.

The MasterKush dominated this cross in all the progeny. The breeding resulted in plants that all maintained the Master kush qualities we were looking for. The SSH/NL was also unique in her deep purple hues. A carefully selected male from this crossing was then bred to the Pre98 Bubba to further ingrain the Kush qualities we all know and love . It was then Linebred further to insure uniform Kush traits through careful selections. Expect to see Kush dominant progeny that all will resemble closely the master or bubba Kush . The taste, color, and high profiles that are sought after are maintained.

There is not much variation in the progeny and all the progeny will look almost identical. You might see the occasional variation from the original SSH/NL dad, but they are not prominent. This line is and has been bred for its Kush qualities and traits, which will express themselves to the connoisseurs delight.