White Master Kush x Polar Bear OG
White Master Kush x Polar Bear OG
55-60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

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White Master Kush x Polar Bear OG

Marijuana Seeds Description

The WMK as I call it has trichome glands that seem to swell and swell until they glisten like large diamonds. I have never seen a plant that can produce this much resin naturally, and the fact that the glands can get so big make this a perfect pairing for any herb trying to get that bump in sugar coating. Hash, medium yield, and kush structure the WMK is some super star bud. Polar Bear OG (OG #17 x (Hell’s Angels’ OG/Biker Kush) x The White/Triple Kush) is a worked line of Hell’s Angel’s OG Kush sprinkled with Karma’s large yielding SFV/White project, the White OG V2.0. Polar Bear OG is the epitome of OG Kush and with large yields and knock down potency it will put an OG Kush spin on the hybrids it’s in.