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Recent content by SmokesalotofVT

  1. SmokesalotofVT

    Greening Up Vt 2018

    Hello Farmers another season..ones in Blue buckets are Auto's GG# 4 & BBXWHite widow the others the Biggest one is a friends Accidental strain Unknown Pineapple Exp X(Lemon Larry og x Nebula) we call it U-Haul Express.. long story...
  2. SmokesalotofVT

    Let Harvest Begin 2018!!

    Lemon Og Kush .. :-)
  3. SmokesalotofVT

    Hey All ..just Wanna Drop A Little Cheer..

    MERRY CHRISTMAS THCfarmer gang~!!
  4. SmokesalotofVT

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Very nice,harvest Time I know is Busy But Gotta Love it..sounds like things are moving along Nicely Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas,MC .. keep it Growing Strong :-)
  5. SmokesalotofVT

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Hey MC.. Glad your well and the fire did'nt hit your place alot people lost everything Saddly Belated Happy Thanksgiving~!
  6. SmokesalotofVT

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Crapp .. Yeah the Fires have been all over the News,and I was Wondering if it was effecting you..hope everythings ok when you can get back to it.. main thing is your safe from the fires.. good Luck MC hope your place and crop don't get hit..
  7. SmokesalotofVT

    welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day...

    Job Well Done All around. those Genetics Look Freeking fantastic. Well grown too :-)
  8. SmokesalotofVT

    Can You Tell Me What These Are?

    yeah looks like Calyxs .. And Good to see More of us VT growers around the farm.. plants are looking good..
  9. SmokesalotofVT

    Saying Hello...old Timer

    Welcome to the farm .. Nice Pics What Strain are they?
  10. SmokesalotofVT

    Hi From South Africa

    Welcome to the Farm,and the World of Growing Cannabis, my 1st suggestion, do some Research like common 1st time grower mistakes,etc etc .. learn the basics ,and find Quality genetics that will work for your climate.. Good Luck in South Africa :-) #LOveCannabisitwillLoveyouback lol
  11. SmokesalotofVT

    Caterpillars And Harvest

    Take em.. they look done or close enough ..
  12. SmokesalotofVT

    Male / Female Help

    LOL your gonna need better close ups if you want people to help .. also Google search it :-) at 1st it can be tough but after some time you'll get better at telleing them apart... :-) good luck Grow strong