Jack Herer

Jack Herer Strain

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Not a great yield but the flavor is reminiscent of 1999. Its original flavor and ease to grow make it a good strain to try out. Back in the 90s this thing was seen in many locations growing as a vine but it was chronic. This was kind bud minis.
A good 'balanced' hybrid, however, I found it a bit weak (THC content) for my own tastes - hence the dropped star. I am not a smoker - only oil extractions. I bought this in regular form - easy to work with and a good parent in carefully selected crosses (e.g. to Tangie or to *Golden Tiger*. It deserves its rep (Cup Winner) but it is getting a bit long in the tooth. Oh, and the trichomes are brittle and fall off more than any of the other varieties I've worked with. If you like JH, White Widow will rock your world! (and she's an old lady too).
its 5 star but like a 2star power zone but wow I liked enough to get somany crosses of it and the original
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