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    Thoughts On Mega Crop

    My first series of plants using MC. Going well but im keeping an eye on potential N issues. With these plants i used MC about 5 weeks straight. 3.5g/gal every other wateting. They got a little too dark do i switched up. Here they are after 2 weeks no MC just URB, Seagreen and compost tea. I...
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    blackout for 3 days end of flower

    Are you saying that 3 days of darkness for a potted plant is the same as three days chopped? You believe that a plant is not changed biologically when it is separated from its roots?
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    Is Sea Green Worth 325$ A Gallon?

    No. Using soluble kelp frequently will have no such effect. Using kelp will knock your k and na out of whack. Your suggestion is misguided.
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    Kind Roots - Soil Balance Pro

    Yes thats right. I bubble a quarter gram in a gallon of r/o water. Usually i dont dilute. I use just a gal at a time 1x per week.
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    Damien's Photo Grow: Malawi X Panama Edition

    exciting. Do you go bean to bud in those 3 gals? I too grow under bridgelux with a few cree in the rig. How many watts are you pulling? And what is your lamp height?
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    Literally, Oozing With Resin!

    I had a super root bound Sanseveria species that would dish out loads of super sweet, fruity droplets over the whole flowering period, as syrupy and clear as corn syrup.
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    Kind Roots - Soil Balance Pro

    Congrats dude. Tell us more about how you used it and anything you learned about it as you went through your grow. Did you use it from start to finish, what was your feeding schedule like. Thanks for sharing
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    Kind Roots - Soil Balance Pro

    Thanks man I've been using Sea Green along with SBP. I alternate SBP/SG dosing once a week. This run i used those products for 2/3 of the flowering period. I think 've got a feel for getting the most out of them. I expect next run will be better. Will also bump up to 7gal pots. I'll def post...
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    Kind Roots - Soil Balance Pro

    I used soil balance pro on this plant. It's my first run so I have no point of comparison. There was a plain and obvious response to SBP on every plant treated. I harvested this plant in 2 stages. This is a bud from beneath tops that i cut off 2 weeks ago. So this plant went just about 12 weeks.
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    Post Yo Babies.

    My apologies if this is a duplicate
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    Is Sea Green Worth 325$ A Gallon?

    An interesting thing i noted when i first used sea green was that on the second night after application in my small room the quality of the air in the room was noticeably changed. I think it was mostly the effect of CO2 released by the biology that was carried into my media by watering in...
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    Life After Purple?

    Well i def handled the buds roughly, explains part of it. But on the amber, there was plenty of amber on the big tops but not much throughout. A staggered harvest wasnt in the cards so i pulled the trig. I attached a pic of a bud from mid-plant I'm testing out 10.5 / 13.5 light schedule. This...
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    Life After Purple?

    Amazing historical content right here at THC Thanks for sharing
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    January 2019 Photo Of The Month Contest

    Grand Daddy Purps Maybe I chopped a lil early but many buds were showing plenty of amber HAPPY NEW YEAR