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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    Hey man a poster over on the z labs site said : "Chem 1 is not Chem 91. It's from the same batch that Chem 4 was popped in (I believe) It's a more sativa, slower blooming chem pheno. Takes you to a special place in your mind, less commercially viable (probably for its longer bloom) It's pretty...
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    In House Genetics??

    Bro how do you feel about the overall potency, quality and length of the high of IHG vs other breeders?
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    In House Genetics??

    Amazingly vigorous plant. I trimmed away probably 1 dozen 2-3 ft long flowering branches and she still has more than I think Ive ever seen on a bush this size. Plant is about 40" tall in a 5 gal fab Top pic is day 15 of 12/12
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    In House Genetics??

    Thanks bro. Plant is now day 19, 12/12. Its huge. Ill post up fresh pics soon.
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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    No real space right now to place this pair, so Ive been slowing them down. Soon they move into the 39°N outdoors It's nearly warm enoughto let them rip (after a pot up). Ive got 7 gal cribs, decently balanced, microbially active substrate prepared for their relocation. @Minitiger i came...
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    What Should My Runoff Ppm Be?

    Do you think that your high PPM during stretch period have an effect on final plant size and bud site numbers?
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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    I dont know much about bodhi strains. Ive been looking around at other bodhi threads and it seems chem 1 crosses were well loved but i havent found any grow or smoke reports..
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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    chem 1 x ssdd newborns. Anyone grown this out? Appreciate any thoughts.
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    GreenPoint, Useful, GreenHouse, DutchP, Katsu & more

    Looking good grower. I too veg under vero cob 4K plus a lil 1750K. Node overly tight on this lady, I raised the light after this pic and she immediately begin to show more node spacing. This plant about 3 weeks old. 5 nodes but just 10inches tall.
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    curing nug the right way?

    Hey bud, got any pics of that Swazi. I brought a few beans back from a recent trip to the eastern cape. Im planning on trying a couple outside in pots at 40°N next month. Wondering what i might end up with. How were your swazi nugs?
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    damn looks fantastic what is the spacing between your boards and plant tops?
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    In House Genetics??

    Platinum Punch day 20 veg, no odors
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    In House Genetics??

    Lol time tunnel response. No real bloom booster program on that grow. The strain was super frosty on its own. About halfway through flower i hit these plants with a gypsum drench. They both had a very positive response. I ventured back here because i popped a single Platinum Punch and .....
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    Thoughts On Mega Crop

    My first series of plants using MC. Going well but im keeping an eye on potential N issues. With these plants i used MC about 5 weeks straight. 3.5g/gal every other wateting. They got a little too dark do i switched up. Here they are after 2 weeks no MC just URB, Seagreen and compost tea. I...
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    blackout for 3 days end of flower

    Are you saying that 3 days of darkness for a potted plant is the same as three days chopped? You believe that a plant is not changed biologically when it is separated from its roots?