“beasters” Aka “bc Bud”

I live in what was once a huge distribution hub for beasters (Hells Angels)... everybody in the state knew you could get cheap BC bud where I lived. If it was still around, it would be here. The state is now medical and about to go legal. Quality would very from garbage to surprisingly good. Lots of the time it depended on genetics. When you would get good bags it would have a distinct but fainter then local flavor (at the time this tended to be blueberry or hashy/afghani)... m39 was awful and for sure did make its way into the distribution stream. I mean at times you would find literal hay in bags... it was obviously transported via truck. I wouldn't be surprised if it also didn't make its way down via boats on the great lakes as well.

I mean at times beasters saved our lives and it was cheap. It was hardily ever "dry" in my hometown. There was also schwag and tons of local. Beasters tended to be "blunt weed". It would be 15ish a gram, eights for 40.00 which tended to be around 3.8ish

I buy in dispensaries now but before I did it seemed that backdoored west coast stuff has replaced the niche that beasters held. But in the 2000s it held down the midwest at the very least and I suspect was all over the east coast. On phish tour it tended to be midwesterners and east coasters that would have beasters and then the west coast guys would have the outdoor trainwreck and shit.

But for sure it wasn't difficult to find very good BC bud in my area but it was due to there being so much of it here.
A lot of that bud hardness could be credited to the way it was packaged for transport. The guys I knew would smuggle it south in hidden compartments, I wont spill all the details, but they moved 200 pounds per load, once every week. And to fit the most they could and avoid smell detection, the pot got vacuum sealed to the point of compaction and it made the bud super dense after a few days of transporting. Funny enough, getting the weed down there was the easy part, getting the money back was trickier. Drug dogs can smell cocaine on large amounts of money so it all had to be vacuum sealed too.
I remember money jumper vehicles with a quarter million dollars packed into some very small, and very unsuspecting places. Places that would blow your freaking mind, you would never in a million years think to look for it there. Nothing was smuggled under door panels or inside tires, put it that way.

Ahh, the good dope days lol. That ship has sailed.. Sad to see what it has deteriorated into. Canada had an excellent opportunity with legalization to showcase a province which actually founded a green revolution and was renowned worldwide for quality bud production. Instead they seem hellbent on shutting it down for good so that their buddies with shitty greenhouses can try and cash in. Fuck them.
Big time fuck them. This is the shittiest part, now instead of the money going into thousands of smaller growers its going into the pockets of big corps. Lol, I remember the line up to pay your power bill in Kelowna was like 40 people long and EVERYONE had 3-4K on them since they only took cash. Aurora announced they lost 2 million so far, I'm mean wtf?? A crew of fuck ups can make the boat float and sail straight and they(Aurora) can't, all the while the fuck ups crank out killer buds all day long and they can't to save they're lives. Fuck'em.
Lol, that's nothing, Aphria reported a third quarter loss of over 108 million. Suckers. Serves them right.
H-O-L-Y Fuck. lol. I wonder when they'll go crying to the government about their shitty business models not working correctly and they'll blame their quarterly on the black market... Those huge warehouses can't possibly be as good as a 20-30k setup with 2-3 guys that love their job and have a bed there and don't mind going the extra mile to ensure it's running perfect. IME that's where you get the separation, every little detail, planned and executed perfectly and eventually they all add up in the end for AAAA's.
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Bc bud used to come in so many different varieties, from super fire hash plant and shishkaberry to awful m-39 and sweet pink grapefruit. In the nineties the bud from them was top notch, it fell off when organized crime took over and harvested everything super early. Some of the best herb I have ever smoked came in the triple a and quad packs. Even smoked some northern lights that came down in jars and would blow even the biggest gas lover away! Long lost days