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After spending quite amount of time researching the FAQ’s and scouring through the top posts, I have decided to start a grow journal.
Everyone’s input is welcome. Please be kind and remember that we were all here at one point. ✌🏻
I love constructive criticisms as long as they hold merit and value. So please feel free to speak freely. Keep in mind, our freedom of speech is in jeopardy. But let us not venture down the path of political debate.
So hey! My name is Fabz and I reside in beautiful Niagara Ontario Canada. I’m 39 years old with two amazing teens for kiddos. I am an electrician, welder and barber by trade.
From the age of 15, when I found out my father (rip) was illegally cultivating 2 plants of cannabis, I immediately became obsessed. After years of secretly watching my dad cultivate and reading countless grow bibles and cultivation magazines, I, the student, became the teacher.
There were so many things my father was doing “wrong”! I had to speak up.
When I turned 18, I confronted my dad about his “hibiscus garden”. 😂 It only took 20 minutes to help him see he was busted and that his son had all of a sudden, become a cannabis expert (not even close, but we’ve all been there. Young and dumb)
So over the next few years my dad taught me everything he knew and I helped him understand what the new advancements were with cannabis cultivation. Remember, this was back in the 90’s when cannabis was driven by Marc emery and big Mike. God bless those two.
eventually I bought my own home with my new wife and I built my first garden. It was a 4x8 secret room in the basement that no one knew about! I ran a dual 400w HID MH/HPS ballast with an air cooled hood and a generic carbon filter with a 4” stealth fan. Worked out pretty well. I found out after that my biggest downfall was the duct sizing I chose. So I knew moving forward, any garden I build would never have 4” duct again!
After multiple successful harvest, my wife at the time announced she was pregnant with our son. We agreed that the garden was too high of a risk with an infant in the house.
We finished the last 3 flowering plants and then we put away the garden.... for 16 years.
So here I am today, with a beautiful 16 year old son and an even more stunning 14 year old daughter. All grown up with lives and friends and probably lovers too 🤷🏻‍♂️ So I decided it was time I build my garden again. I FINALLY can return to my one passion. Cultivating cannabis. Aside from my kids, gaming and drumming, cultivation is part of who I am and a deep seeded passion. I’m finally back.
Novemeber of 2020 I began designing my flower room. Here she is today...
Flower chamber room size: 5x12’ (5x8’ usable grow area)
2x 1000w digital ballast
1x 1000w hortilux blue
1x 1000w hortilux super HPS
Dual 6” air cooled reflectors
PRO75 6” atmosphere carbon filter (not installed in photos)
Vortex vtx600 6” inline exhaust
20” hurricane wall fan
16” hurricane figure 8 fan
8” AC Infinity cloudline T8 intake
Co2 generator (a+b+water kind)
Custom electrical panel designed by moi.
STRAINS currently residing at FabzGardenz:
THC bomb
Bruce Banner #3
Great white shark
Sunset sherbet- removed for having hermie genetics. So fucking sad. One banana and she’s out. That’s how I run my Gardenz.

Thanks for taking a look at the very beginning of my grow diary. There is SO much info to add. I am out of time for today, my girls need me. Please check back in on this post as I add to it each day.
much love.

All photos are from my gardens flower chamber at day 25 flower.
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Entry #2
In June of 2020, at what seemed to be the height of flu, my father was diagnosed with glioblastoma multi form. A large brain tumour had managed to take over the rear right hemisphere of his brain in a matter of weeks to months.
My father was my rock. Someone I could always count on. Someone who always had my back no matter how bad things got. He was my mentor, my friend and ultimately my hero.
He dedicated 43 years to GM as an electrician working 7 days a week. He worked hard to provide for his family.
In June when my father passed away as I held his hand, I slipped into a severe depression. We were all locked up in our homes and my hero had just gone home to be with our Lord.
My one and only brother who is an ICU physician, concerned for his little bro, suggested I get help. And I did.
I spent the next 6 months adjusting to an SSRI for what seemed to be an eternity. I found myself glued to my PC everyday spending countless hours playing games like Escape from Tarkov. Anything to distract me or numb the pain. It was not a good existence.
I had a valid medical cannabis prescription that allowed me 3gr a day or cultivation of 15+4 plants if I applied for my AMCRP. I applied for the latter.
In November of 2020, I began the concept for the flower chamber, mother clone chamber and veg chamber. Not to mention the design for the drying/curing chamber. 4 rooms is what I found I need to have a successful op with perpetually flowering ladies.

Thanks for tuning into today’s entry. Here a pic of my security cam keeping a distant eye on my girls at day 36 flower for the two THC Bombs.

To all my Canadian brothers and sisters. Nice to meet all of you. Hopefully one day when this ridiculous, government controlled economical collapse has finished fucking us all, we can link up and smoke some quads.


Always good to get a friendly welcome. Thanks everyone for being kind. I’m thankful to be a member of this forum because it’s important to still feel connected. I am in no way a “master” grower. I consider myself novice at best, having been out of the cultivation game for 16 years. So any and all questions, input or constructive criticism is welcome.

I wanted to document the mother I selected. She’s a very bushy THC bomb. She is now 6 weeks old.
I also would like to pay homage to the beautiful Sunset Sherbet strain. Wow! What a beautiful strain. I am still so sad I had to chop the two down and toss all her clones. Hermie genetics just don’t go well with me. Whether it’s my fault or the genetics fault. By far one of the sexiest strains I’ve ever seen. Maybe they were a little too kinky?


Question for all my new friends here.

Watch the short clip.

Am I wasting my time?

It runs for 2.5 hours when lights turn on and 2.5 hours before they turn off each day.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t use co2 but I think that is a good idea. Or you could mount the bottle above them and let it fall on the canopy. Once it comes in contact with the air it becomes lighter and rises. Almost like passing by twice.
Aqua Man

Aqua Man

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Co2 will benefit if you can keep it in there. Exhausting will pull it out but shutting that off will require a way to control humidity.

Probably the best way to tell is using a co2 monitor to test and verify the ppm at different stages of the day with and without.


Hey Fabz, What's good my green thumbed brother! Just a note to check in and send some love that way! I really enjoyed the read so far and your struggles with your fathers death touched me deeply. I never had a father but I lost my mother to drug and alcohol addiction in 2012. She was basically all the family I had and losing her took a great toll on my mental wellbeing.

Like you I stayed in the video games and so stoned I couldn't really function for a couple years. I even went so far as to stop growing for a few years. I lost all my ambition.

Then I started thinking about a little book I found on my mothers night stand after her death..it was called, "Jesus Calling". Now my mother as I know was far from a Christian and had an..."alternative lifestyle". But this book on her night stand gave me great hope that in the end she accepted Jesus as her Lord and one day we will meet again in our Fathers house.

IDK why I felt led to share this in your journal.. I hope its not to much. But I can truly relate to the deep depression felt from losing a parent. I can also say that growing and partaking in this healing plant has helped in a thousand ways.

Also thank you so much for the help with the Thc Bombs its good to have some technical support...lol I'm here for the ride, let do this! -Ron


I don’t use co2 but I think that is a good idea. Or you could mount the bottle above them and let it fall on the canopy. Once it comes in contact with the air it becomes lighter and rises. Almost like passing by twice.
Fantastic idea! Gives me a project too. Lmao.
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