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Ha-ha ...Whats good my drummer brother! (I play a little guitar and even played bass in the church band for a few years.) Back when I could still stomach organized religion.

Thought about shooting you a private message as opposed to blowing your journal up to much...lol I know my last post was quite long and I'm sorry if I offended in any way.

I had a few things to share and thought, "Oh man this could get long again, I'm really gonna blow this brothers journal up..."lol Then I changed my mind and thought, "shit man that's what these threads are for."

So here I am again...lol

My first two Thc Bombs are dry and in the jars for the cure. Got a little less than three ounces off each one. Took a tester nug of each this morning and WOW! Even though its early, its pretty potent. VERY indica leaning. After two bowls I am stuck to the couch...lol Buds are pretty loose and fluffy, but trich covered. I asked the wife to describe the smell and she said it smells like puke...lol I still smell a little hint of green cuz its so early but also an almost...cheesy smell. Pretty good!
I will for sure, after smoking her give her another chance.

Crazy my two phenos are almost exactly alike in all aspects. Smell, taste, even yielded were the same. A pain in the ass to keep healthy and two of the four clones I have in veg are sick...blah. Looks lik I got the nitrogen figured out only to have caused either calcium/magnesium lock out or deficiency ...?
IDK for sure, whatever it is it don't seem to be getting worse so I'm not to worried about it.

Still beautiful little bushy plants.
I fed them just H20 with phed water this time so we will see if that helps or hurts. Any suggestions? Let me know.

Ok Mr Fabz that's all I got for now...I'm looking forward to your harvest update! Thanx for all the help and great info. I have you and yours in my prayers, please include me in yours! -Ron

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