10 bucket RDWC issue

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Im on the verge of starting my new RDWC system soon and had a question for all the gurus here. I will be using 5 gallon buckets but im not sure how much GPH im going to need. Last time i used a 300 GPH pump for 7 buckets spaced around 6-10" away from each other (limited space) and got good results. I know I messed a few things up but that how you learn now I was thinking of using a 900gph pump for the 10 buckets using 3/4" line for feed and return and a 300gph for 24/7 drip lines. Will I have sufficent pressure or no? Id appreciate any input from anyone thanks.


Look at the cch2o website at their regular model. Mu buddy runs a mag s seven for 15 plants set up like a uc but in five gallon buckets 400-500 would be fine in my opinion.

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