10 Year Grower Still Can't Clone :(

That’s awesome bro. I love it.

On a side note I used to take cuttings and put them in a cup of water. Wait about 10-14 days and bam you got roots. Sometimes you’d just see little white bumps on the stalks. Which is just fine. It’s still ready to go. Stick it in your grow medium and give them a little makeshift humidity dome for a couple days and bam you got yourself a clone. Cheap and easy. However this method doesn’t always work so it’s not fool proof. But it does work most of the time. It’s good to take extra cuttings and change out the water every few days so it doesn’t grow algae.
wouldn't hurt to keep a cup of possible cuttings. thanks, great idea
I have never used a dome and would never consider using one ,there’s one thing you should try is after making your final cut is place them in cup of water in complete darkness for min 12 hrs i usually do 24 hrs ,very seldom loose any clones ,30 plus years
I'll do it, thanks for the suggestion
Just curious what your ph is? I used a dome recently and it worked until three days in they were taking forever and so I put them on a mat and they "damped off" almost immediately and I lost the whole bunch. I have had this happen twice already yet and I've been trying different things; I was misting the cocoa blocks at different variables, paper towel bits around the base, using a bit of sheet instead of the plastic cover, but I'm damping off at different times. I'm building a pallet box for this and I'm thinking of laying some sponges with in off-flow in a dome with some hole at either end with some small fans to push/pull air through it (another thread will have the details).
use my well water which is 6.7-6.8 out of tap, and that pic is right after I took clones and put them in the dome... it drys out pretty quick, dont be mistaken by the way that pic looks, it doesnt stay that way for long before it drys out, I mist the dome in the morning before work and then again after work....with the T8's down on it all the way, it drys out in an hour or 2...using FFOF and Clonex in solo cups filled just over halfway with the FFOF, then after a week or so I take the lid off or just open the vents wide open on the top, then when they root add more soil to solo cup, then just wait for them to grow until transplant in 2 gallon pots....done, easy peasy, 100% everytime....(another old trick to get ur solo cups ready... is use a 1/4 inch bit on ur drill and stack em up and drill a hole thru a bunch at a time.... they are cheap at the dollar store and reusable,just good ole common sense)
All I've ever used is a regular plant tray with dome, cheap air pump and stone, and horticultural foam blocks. Never cleaned it beyond rinsing in the tub. Regular tap water, [email protected] ph. Temperature around 18-21C, ambient. I rarely ever lose a cut.

Only modifications I've done is to cut extra vent holes in the done to prevent condensation from building up. Otherwise just pine a hole in the foam and slip the cut in so it's at our near the water level and 1-2 weeks until planting (strain dependant).

I've had the odd spot of mould before adding vent holes but I haven't had any losses since. Always wash your hands etc and use basic hygiene.
I would suggest a bigger size of grodan (6 inch) cubes for a clean slate style ( and limit your trays to like 10-15 so theres no planted touching ) if it was me cause humidity takes it away and if you lose it it def can damage the whole process or promote other things. having a balanced clone medium so it never " fully dries or nothing stresess def makes all the example of failure of pass and I don't like throwing away my cutting .

Physan 20 might be a great option for to guratee clean and a good defense ( clean all your trays and misc) . alot of disease start from the roots and begin , might as well protect yourself
AS a experienced grower I had difficulty cloning too but its not that hard just keep in the parameters and sucess will come your way. the dome is great as cuttings dont have root systems yet and take in moisture through the leaves but you do't want it too moist either! they have vented domes, they are a must have! Dont use too intense a light til they are rooted well! T5's work well but flurs can be used just avoid big azz lights as its a waste of juice! lower nute ppm too I run 400 veg for the first month, ph 6.0. I have 90% sucess with most strains. I use Clonex cloning gel too but keeping everything clean is very important too. Typically I do cuts in the mornings and after a few days flood and drain the solution it keeps it moist enough to gain roots. I spray neem after rooting and open the vents to lower humidity. occasionally I breathe in there to add co2 lol.
@5ecret 5quirrel Use that beautiful soil you have. Forget the rockwool, I've never had success with it either. If your strain is at all prone to disease it fails very often.

Tips for successful cloning and 90% success....

- Use your soil, after the boil you are in business. Tray inserts, such as 18 per tray in your situation, or plastic cups if you can't find them. I use tray inserts of 72 and lose maybe 2 clones per tray using just regular organic soil with worm castings, you got the worms in there. Use that soil.

- Clone mothers that were grown from seed. This is optional but will improve your odds by starting with a more disease prone genetic.

Simple as that. No need to worry about your temps as long as they are within reason, no need to heat up the room, aside from some pots or cups nothing needed for purchase. You got it now.

As I read through the thread and seen you were boiling your soil, I knew you were on the right track and was hoping by then end of it I could chime in before you had it all figured out yourself.

I have to say, I have a lot of respect for you with how you are getting things done in China. And your results speak for themselves, great buds in your post.

i'll try it out, but i feel like that might be strain dependent. i'm running true og and she's always been really picky when it comes to cloning her.
Here's what I do.i use jiffy pellets but Rockwool will do just as good .wet them until they'r soaked through then I very gently squeeze em so that they'r evenly wet but not dripping.just moist.i take my cuts (about 3/4 inches) and dipp em in clonex and stick em in the medium.i put them in the prop and I spray the dome with water. don't spray the clones .leave em for exactly 7 days .don't even open the prop.then after 7 days I prop the dome up so there's maybe a quarter inch gap.leave for another 2 days and prop open dome a bit more.usually by this point the roots are usually starting to show,some may take longer.i noticed my roots only start to come once the medium has started to dry a bit.remember roots don't like being submerged in permanently wet medium.they grow better in a moist medium that's got a decent amount of oxygen in.
Good luck.
I went to a cloner but still use my dome as well. I use peat pods. Instruction for peat pods are to expand in water and then before inserting clone squeeze out the pod so it doesn't rot the stem. I never had rot but haven't been doing it very long. In less than 2 weeks my roots pop.

I put pods into a 6 place muffin tin in order for pods to have it's own water reservoir. I use a sprayer on stream setting to wet the bottom of the muffin tin and the pods suck it up like a wick. Only 3 to 4 squirts. Repeat when dry.

Try wringing out your medium before inserting clones.