10 year old uses mj for autism,w pos. results

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November 17, 6:54 PMLA County Libertarian Examiner Martin Hill

KTLA 5 news Los Angeles has reported on a family in southern California who, after a series of worsening autism symptoms exhibited by their son, resorted to medical marijuana. The results have been wonderful, according to the boy's parents.

Ten-year -old Sam's father told reporter Cher Calvin that his son had been hurting other children at school, pulling the television down, destroying furniture, etc .He would have to put the boy in a hold for an hour, while he had spasms, until he eventually calmed down.

The parents had consulted the conventional 'experts'; doctors who put Sam on prescription drugs, which resulted in the boy gaining twenty pounds. "He was getting more dangerous, bigger, stronger", recalled Sam's mom.

"At their wits end and facing the need to institutionalize son", KTLA reported, the family then opted for an unconventional and controversial treatment: medical marijuana. They report that it has been "very calming". They had initially made an appointment with a medical canabis doctor.

They now grow Sam's "new medicine" in their back yard; the father took out his tomato plants to make room to grow the medicine in a concentrated form. His "pent up rage" and anxiousness went away, they said. They started the treatment when he was 8, and give the canabis as needed, which is not necessarily every day. The father puts it in a piece of melon and gives it to his boy; "that's good, yeah".

Within 20 minutes effects were clear, recalls the reporter who spent some time with the family.
He was "calm, relaxed and social" after taking his "spec of hash" in front of the news crew.
"The more I tell people the more comfortable I am", says the mother when asked how she explains this treatment to others. A Dr. Tolcher, consulted by KTLA, says this is intriguing, but needs more research.

"It was just a medication that gave us results we were hoping for", says Sam's dad, who can now help his son, "instead of depending on doctors". Sam is now smiling and laughing again, reports his mom.
Calvin notes that the family has "followed the letter of the law" and grows the canibis as allowed under California Prop 15. You can watch the KTLA 5 News Report here.

Meanwhile, the feds continue to raid medical pot clinice throughout California. The National Organization for the Reform of marijuana laws is a non-profit, public-interest lobby that opposes marijuana prohibition, and reported today that "health-related costs per user are eight times higher for drinkers than they are for those who use cannabis, and are more than 40 times higher for tobacco smokers, according to a report published in the British Columbia Mental Health and Addictions Journal'.

Presenting a comprehensive history of marijuana prohibition, DrugLibrary.org reports that "Dr. William C. Woodward, legislative counsel of the American Medical Association...was roundly insulted for his audacity in daring to question the wisdom of the 'MARIHUANA TAX ACT OF 1937". which they report was "the first assertion of federal authority over marijuana".


Debate raging over mmj 2 treat childhood ADHD autism

Prescribing marijuana to kids
Debate is raging over the use of medicinal marijuana to treat childhood ADHD and autism

theweek.com article/103325
Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best opinion: SMU Daily Campus, Opposing Views, First Things, NORML
The battle over medical marijuana has a new focus: children. After some parents confessed to feeding kids as young as 9 pot-infused cookies as a last resort to help them cope with autism, the New York Times reported that California clinics have been prescribing pot to patients as young as 14 to treat ADHD symptoms. Proponents of cannabis for kids say it can also help treat cancer and AIDS symptoms. Opponents? “How many ways can one say ‘one of the worst ideas of all time?’” asks UC Berkeley psychologist Stephen Hinshaw. Is there ever a valid reason to prescribe pot for kids?

This takes a defensible idea too far: Doctors should be given leeway to treat their patients as they see best, says Nathaniel French in the Southern Methodist University Daily Campus, including—where legal—with medical marijuana. “But there are limits to that liberality,” and giving pot to minors crosses the line. “We do not let children smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol; why should we let them take a mind-altering drug”?

Marijuana is safer than Ritalin: Given that we already prescribe kids “stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall,” whose side effects—including sudden death—are much worse than marijuana’s, says a spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project in Opposing Views, the “infrequent” instances in which marijuana is prescribed to minors shouldn’t shock anyone; science and anecdotal evidence suggest it does help with childhood ADHD and autism. We need less outrage and more studies.

Welcome to the slippery slope of “medical anarchy”: “Marijuana has clear medical uses,” says Wesley J. Smith in First Things. But if advocates “continue to act this irresponsibly,” they’ll just "blow up” their cause.

Pot can work medically, but it can also blur formative years: I generally "trust the doctors who are carefully treating young patients” with marijuana, says Russ Belleville at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). That said, I personally don’t recommend “non-medical use” for kids under 18—not out of mental or physical health concerns, just because teenage emotions “should be felt fully and unaltered.” The teenage years are "when your personality and character are formed."


I snorted about a bowl of ground buds once. It is not recommended but it sure does smell good.


Well it is about time the benefits of the green are being used to treat children.
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