1000 Watt 4x4 Coco Grow Journal.

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Lets hope for the best eh?

This is my first grow in this setup. I've grown twice now in a small closet. Decided my lighting and space was incredibly insufficient. This is my real go at it. Gonna try and post about it so I get some some good criticism and hopefully a few people helping me out too.

Anyway after scrapping my old closet. I set up in the spare room in my house a 4x4x7 home made tent out of 2x4's and reflective grow plastic sheet. Using a 6 inch vortex fan i have more than enough airflow. I ran the tent with the light on 100% to make sure the temperature would never exceed 90'f or 32 c. Also trying to make sure at night it doesn't drop below 25 for now which is hard as my grow room is downstairs. To assist with this I've put my fan on a timer so it shuts off at night as well. I had to vent the air out of the spare room otherwise the room would reach astounding temperatures. I also have more control because I can open the windows to the room through the blackout curtains without disturbing my light blockage. The goal being during flower to bring out as much purple as possible.

Now that any easily foreseeable kinks have been put behind me. I have now started vegging my sprouted seed!
2 bag seed plants.
GSC (could be a mix who knows!)
Green Crack (same)
6 Canuk breeder plants
C99 fem x 2 (claims to be a mix of "the pineapple" and "the pineapple" online I have not seen it noted in journals that Canuk's c99 is not the real c99 just felt the need to say it, high hopes anyway!)
GDP regular x 3
Cheese Auto or Super Lemon haze (seed got confused during germ)

homemade 4x4x7 tent with reflective grow sheet
skid with linoleum for floor
1000watt mh/hps with 2, 45 watt leds for flowering, and a dual fixture 48 inch t8.
carbon filter and vortex fan.
using 5 smart pots varying size and 3 larger modified plastic buckets.
2 fans for leaf stimulation

Grow medium and nutes
Medium: Using canna Coco and promix Perlite 50/50
Nutes: Going to be using General hydrophonics Ph up and ph down IF NEEDED it is not organic and my goal is organic. Hoping to not use it because i'm watering using distilled tap water that has an airstone in it. The water here consistently tests at 5.8-5.9 so ph is not something i should be worrying about much.
I'm trying out Medi-One all in one which says it is good for vegetative cycle and flowering. I've seen nothing but good online and want to try it out. I will also be using some form of organic bud enhancer most likely while flowering.

I germinated all the seeds except for the green crack last week. They've all been put in solo cups and under the 1000 watt mh at 50%. Looking good now all of them have theyre second set of leaves or more. Roots have already started touching the edges of the cups.

The green crack I put in the tent while I was working out temperature (I figured grow one bag seed plant try it in the closet if it dies, I don't care but it will help me tune the tent in.) Anyway my green crack has been topped at the third node. will continue to top every second node for now. I might try out a scrog net I build a while ago depending on it's rate of growth in comparison to the other plants.

Hoping to Veg for around another 30 days then hop into flower mode.
Will be posting photos in a couple hours!


Good stuff, following! No idea at all what the bag seed strains could be?
One should be green crack, the other is a girl scout cookies. The issue is I don't know the growers. So it could just be there was a male of different genetics in the room. Then I wouldn't have a pure gsc or a pure green crack. But I always personally hope the grower had ok genetics and I managed to get seeds from a hermy. If it was a hermy it means more likely than not the seed will be female. And with ok genetics hopefully the plant will be stable and not hermy itself :P


Just posting the pictures here.
First one is 2 c99 and a cheese or SLH (confusion during germination )
Next two are of a gsc and a canuk cookies.
Next three pictures are of the green crack.
Last picture of plants are the Grand Daddy Purple
and lastly just an overhead of the grow room

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