15 New Strains From Csi Humboldt In Stock

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New seeds from csi humboldt are now listed in the store :smoking:

Mendocino Purple S1 - Mendocino Purple x Mendocino Purple

Tri County Purple
- Purple Urkle x Mendo Purps

Bubba Kush S1 - Bubba Kush x Bubba Kush

Purple Urkle S1 - Purple Urkle x Purple Urkle

Three Queens - Whitefire #43 x Bubba Kush

Mendocino Purple Urkle - Mendocino Purple x Purple Urkle

Sour Urkle - Sour Diesel x Purple Urkle

Purple Dogbud - Chemdog 91 x Purple Urkle

Old Family Purple - Triangle Kush x Purple Urkle

Mendocino Underdog - Underdog OG x Mendo Purps

Antifreeze - Triangle Kush x Humboldt Snow

Coked Out Girl Scout - Girl Scout Cookies x Humboldt Snow

Dirty Snow - Chemdog D x Humboldt Snow

Humboldt Snow White - The White x Humboldt Snow

Nuclear Winter - Chemdog 91 x Humboldt Snow

Pink Ice - Bubblegum x Humboldt Snow
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