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Alrighty, here is my garden.

15kw. XXXLs "Ocho"
Hortilux HPS
(2) 74pint dehumidifiers
32,000 btu A/C
60 gallons of propane co2
(3) UCXL20's 8 gallon modules
1.5hp water chiller
(3) Cool Coils
300 gallon storage tank
250 gallon top-off res

Dutch Master Gold Grow/Flower A+B
Dutch Master Gold Zone
Bontanicare Cal-Mag+
Big Bud

GreenCush aka GreenCrack

Picture 1 is a test run, supplied my cuts.
Picture 2 is a picture of the winch setup. Raises/lowers each row with the push of a button
Next 3 pictures are day before I put them in the system
Next 3 are Day 10 of veg.
Last picture is the in/out lines on the chiller + top-off lines

As for the name "UNVME", it came from a team-tag for an old video game. "UNV_Name" ... pretty stupid idea for a friendly pot forum, so you can just call me "UCUNV" :character0029: :party0042:

Hope you enjoy.


Very nice cant wait to see the outcome.

Standard 25" centers?


Thinks of Stinks
I love it!!!

Great setup! So... Symmetric. :) Tell us more about the wench system you installed, look very handy.

Sub'd. Good luck.


Premium Member
I dig your style bro>>>Definitely plenty of light<<<No cutting corners on your end:harvest:



Hey everyone thank you so much! I'm overwhelmed by responses, everybody here is fast! If I forget something don't hesitate to ask.

Baddog, yes this is my first RDWC run ever.

BRD, standard 25" centers indeed! I think they'll work perfect for the XXXL's.

HellMutt, the wench is a 800lb high torque winch that was just modified to slowly spin the long round tubing. The cable is connected to the hoods and it just rolls up nicely around the tubing. The tubing is fastened to the ceiling with rotating bushings to make sure it spins freely and doesnt bind up.

GoD, Garden of Dreams, its ok if I call you GoD right?? Your rooms are beautiful and look like a place of heaven! Thank you for the kind words.

Everyone else, thank you!! This is my first time running this strain and my first time in DWC, hopefully I pass the test and get to the end of this thing... I've already had my first flood so atleast that is out of the way (knock on wood)

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