19k, 20 Strains, A1 Nutes, A1 Soil, thanks AWC&GOD

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20+ Strains, A1 Nutes, A1 Soil, thanks AWC&GOD

Whats up farmers?

Before I start I gotta give a huge shout out to GOD and the crew at AWC. Without them I wouldn't have some of these killer strains, nutes, or soil. And a super special thanks to GOD for allowing me to run his nute line and run his soil and goodies.
Just so they don't get a million people asking for these genetics, some of these are from AWC and some are from my stable...

Long time lurker first time posting my set up. I have a few grows under my belt but haven't really been what I would call serious. I haven’t had a set up this large to call my own in a long time. Well now the time has come for me to come out of the wood work and get serious.

I love being in Cali and its been a big blessing, MJ has given to me so much and its time for me to give back by showing my set up. And to offer any help that I can.

So here is the low down, First I’ll start with the strain list.
Flower Room 1, 14x14,:
Original OG
Agent Orange
Pre-98 Bubba
Sour Diesel

Flower Room 2, 14x14,:
White Fire (2 diff Pheno Types)
Alien Tahoe
OTMxBubba Kush
White Master Kush

Flower Room 3, 10x11:
Original Diesel
Skywalker OG
Purple Paki

In the Veg room, 6x12:
Killing Fields
The White
Blue Dream
Stardawg 2
Super Skunk
Chem 3
Azucar Alien
Clones of everything above

So now thats out of the way I’ll get into the set up:

Flower room 1 and 2 are both 7k each, sealed up tight. They each have a 2.5 Ton Mini Split as the Main Cooling and this week we will be adding a 2 ton Dual Zone Split unit with 12k air handlers in each room to give me a total of 42900 btu of cooling for each room. Both are inverter units and are surprisingly energy efficient.
I’m running Adjust A wings and Hortilux bulbs.
Cap Burner in each room
Santa Fe Max Dry in each room
5 Wall Fans
Each room has 2 Can 125’s with Max Fan 10’s scrubbing the air (damn og still stinks)

Flower room 1 is at day 33 of flower
Flower room 2 and 3 are still vegging, waiting to finish up a few things then I’m gonna flip them as well.

I run SCROG with 4 screens per tray. I use 1x2’s as a trellis frame attached to the 4x8 trays, and the one 4x4 tray. The screens are only 4’ wide but as the stretch into flower my screens feel more like 4.5 feet by 9 feet. I also stained the wood with a wood seal so hopefully no mold or mildew will be attracted.

I love SCROG because I run super low plant numbers and love to get some monsters that are only 3 feet tall. It always trips me out when I pull a 1/2 lb plant that is only 3 feet tall, but almost 3x3 wide with 50 plus tops!! I also don’t have to cut many under branches as I utilize every part of the stretch to get those branches above the bottom screen.

Flower room 1 is Pro Mix as the media (didn’t have a1 soil yet) :(
Flower room 2 is all A1 Soil cut with perlite
Flower room 3 is all A1 Soil cut with perlite
Veg is ProMix/A1/Perlite

Flower room 3 is my personal test/play area.
As of now I plan on 2400 watts vertical and 3k overhead with King Cobra Hoods for a total of 5400 watts. This room has the monsters in it and I will not be scrogging. I’m playing with some different growing methods here and I just wanna see what happens. I have a ton of stakes and I just wanna play. I mean we gotta have fun, right! I really wanna see if I can grow these monsters to the ceiling! I just gotta hang the hoods and then it will be done.

The cooling in the 3rd flower room is kinda nifty IMO. Since you have to walk into flower room 2 to get to flower room 3 I decided to have those on at opposite times. I have green leds on the way so I can work in each room in the dark mode. I use a can 125/10” Max Fan to Exhaust that room into flower room 2, and since they will be flowering at opposite times I steal the cold “night” air from room 2 through passive intakes that are right next to the upcoming 12k air-handler. I have tested the set up and so far it does work like I have planned but we shall see how it plays out in the next coming weeks. In this room all the lights are aircooled and exhaust into room 2.

So far I can tell you that I will only use GODS A1 Soil as it literally is the best addition I have added to my growing. Flower room 2 stays at a constant 1000ppm Co2 just because the soil microbe life is so strong, I’ve never seen anything like it before. Plants are growing faster in A1 then anything I’ve ever seen in promix or ffof. I just transplanted from 3 gallon grow bags and in about 7 days I had roots shooting out the sides of some of the 10 gal smart pots. Thats freaking awesome!!!!

The thing I can say about the A1 is that it has a strong odor to it, I picked up almost a ton of soil and I had to put it in the veg room because with that much of it the odor was over taking my spot haha. But once I placed it there with carbon scrubbing you couldn’t smell it at all! Trust me I’ll take some stinky soil any day because this stuff rocks! Stinky=Good in my book. This is a good thing, because that means the micobes are in abundance!!! :banana1sv6::banana1sv6:

So far his A1 Nutes are super easy and super stable, I mix 4 44 resivors at a time and sometimes I will leave one res ready for whenever I need it and they don’t drift or rise, they stay right where I leave them at, 6.3-6.7 depending on how the girls have been looking.
So Far I’m using these nutes by GOD:
Veg A/B
Flower A/B
Bloom Booster
Bud Booster
Cal Mag
Amino Acids
Pot Silicate
ACT teas
Special Soil Top Dressing

CAPs Root, Foilar, Nute Packs

His ACT teas are off the hook. I have found that i like to mix a little kelp, H/F, and amino acids with the teas along with CAP’s packs as well.

And for the record I don't want this to sound like a sales pitch for A1, I paid normal price for everything and I am doing this on my own accord. His stuff rocks so I gotta spread the word.

Flower room 1: Everything is in 10 gallon smart pots and was vegged for 6 weeks or so.
Flower room 2: Has been vegging for about a month or so
Flower Room 3: Has been going for a month as well, I got these as teens.

I wish I had had A1 nutes when I first started this op because I was using Salt Based nutes that weren’t helping my microbe life, but when I had the chance to make the switch I jumped on it. There isn’t really anything major wrong with flower room 1, but I honestly feel if I had had A1 from day one, I would be that much ahead then I am now. I wish those girls were in 10 gallons of the A1 soil awesomeness. A1 makes pro mix look like dollar store dirt.

I’m still learning these strains and my Original OG is one Finicky girl, the most temperamental in the room. So I believe that Round 2 will knock it out of the park.

Well I think thats about it, now I’m gonna work on getting the pictures up loaded.



hell yeah lovinnn all the strains u rockin every single one of them...just not to familiar with this one tough....OTM x BK.. i can imagine wat the scissorshash looks like after trimming all them strains haha..must be the craziest scissor hashing taste ever :banana1sv6: keep on crusht it man im down 4 the show :cool0019:


OldTime Moonshine x Bubba Kush by Mosca

Thanks very much! I love genetics and I want them all. Eventually I'll have a spot just for Moms


Wow! I am blown away by everything! Thanks for sharing your setup with all of us here! The detail about your setup and the large photo updates are all great! I am excited to see these room get put to work and to see someone share their experience with GoD's soil and nutrients! Soil keeping Co2 ppm that high sounds like a simple way to save a ton of money! Keep up the good work and I will be posted to this show for sure!

-Meeks :pimp:


Hey man, everything looks great. Those nugs are pretty filled in for day 33 of flower! keep doing what you do man! The first step to fixing a problem is to admit you have a problem. I too am a strain addict, I'm guilty of taking too many strains when I don't have enough room to mother them and flower them all, lol. I recently got some a1 nutes!
, I was promised thicker, beefier nugs! jking. I can't wait to see how they come out, I've never used those nutes but I see others having success w/ them. I may have to give them a shot in the future, I might run out of my current nutes soon. The co2 from the soil thing definitely sounds interesting. btw what is AWC?


Thanks so much for all the kind words everyone! It took a lot of planning and a Ton of behind the scene work for me to get this going, as I am the one and only worker here! I like to work alone because I'm weird like that. I have some awesome Bose headphones that I jam with. Just me and the girls. I really love growing.

Go big or go home!

Yes sir, GOD, I've been super busy! This place keeps me covered up, not to mention the day job as well! Many many 5 am mornings. Sometimes I feel like superman, I get up at 5 am, put on my grow gear, work there for a few hours then back home to put on normal clothes for the day job....get off at like 6 pm then off to the cave till midnight...and the cycle starts over again...this is a one man show!

And yes this set up kept getting larger as I started to understand how to utilize 3 phase power! At first I was, or so I thought, limited to just 100 amps. Well when a fellow farmer here helped me balance the load and get the electrical sorted out I ended up having enough leg room for the extra vert room. But I'm not gonna expand this op anymore. I'm done building i just wanna grow.

I also flip every light in this place. 7k rooms are opposite. And the vert room flips to the veg room. I also have 1 600 that flips back and forth between flower room 2 and 3 to keep the cycle 24 and I have t5's in the veg room to keep the cycle 24 while the hids are off. Kinda a lot going on with flipping but it all works like a charm!

I'm running 80% of my main breaker!

I can reuse the soil? What about all the roots and such that will be in there? Def fill me in as that's freaking awesome! If I can reuse soil that will save me tons of work cuz I hate getting rid of 500 gal of soil at a time haha!

I am a strain whore because I wanna smoke everything out there, and I wanna grow everything. I have a buddy who runs this exact original og and he only gets a p a light because he is lazy, I showed him some pics and he was like how the hell did u get her to do that. My answer some good ole tlc and GODs

I've been collecting seeds for about 4 years, just what till you guys see that list! I'm gonna pop about 200 beans all of diff stuff here in the up coming months. I really wanna have 50 strains rocking.

I've never seenu sites form so fast, it blows my mind. I flipped them and literally 5 days later I saw buds forming. His bloom booster is worth it's weight in gold, it works wonders. I also saw very little stretch, even the og just started stacking bud sites.

I'm gonna have some huge og colas, for real it stretched mybe 10 inches and the agent orange stretched like 6 inches and it's gonna be all colas, no popcorn. And it smells like straight oranges.
The pre98 is the greenest. But I'm not keeping cuts of this strain as my mosca bubba k is less watered down.
I'm def keeping the sour d as its straight fuel.
I'm dropping the headband as I'm not impressed with it.
And of course I'm gonna keep the original og, I shocked at the potential yield on this bad girl. She is monstrous and smells just like the og should, lemon pledge fuel! Haha
The Chem4xOG is so frosty its looking awesome but def gonna be the lowest yielder, but prolly the dankest.
The stardawg looks good and smells nice, gonna keep her.

Any questions just hit me up


Wow dude, just stunning! clean, even, beautiful! nice line up with strains and all....im curious about this soil.....everything looks great! white size pots are those 3x3 plants in? that is sweet! very nice bro, very nice! subbd fo sho!


Thanks, yea I vacuum, sweep, and mop every time! Like I said I'm wierd!

10 Gallon Smart pots.

Everything gets flowered in 10 gal smart pots. Some of the ones in the vert room are still in 5 gal grow bags but I'm gonna transplant them all tomorrow into their final resting spot of 10 gallon.

I have flowerd in 4" pots to 45 gallon and I think 10 gallon is the sweet spot. Just big enough but not too big so they do dry out. Right now I water every 3 days.

I'm going Feed Feed Tea Feed Feed Tea. And I'm Feeding the Flowering ladies at 1200 ppm (.7) and they want more!!



Just dump the pots out bro and break up the root balls and toss them out, Remember you got Caps paks so that soil is also innoculated with his goodies as well. You can also add 25% of our Top Dress Pro to your used soil and pump it back up.

sounds a lot like my soil....totally recyclable...my buddy is on his eighth recycle...just gets better each time......except no need for all the other additives, just water and molasses....17 weeks cycles....strong enough to run 4 strains in 1, 8 gal airpot or the like, with 50%-75% hot on the bottom and still be just as green and lush as the day they entered flower! pulling mad weight too! or 1 plant if you like...

like GOD....i will be hitting the shelves in months to come!

but i am very excited to watch you experiment with A1 products....and see your lovely room unfold!

again....im sure what ever your hands mix up, it will be dank....! great job so far!



likes to smell trees.
Just dump the pots out bro and break up the root balls and toss them out, Remember you got Caps paks so that soil is also innoculated with his goodies as well. You can also add 25% of our Top Dress Pro to your used soil and pump it back up.

Yup. Soil just gets better over time. you can shake the root ball to get all the soil off. Re use it.

Nice op TB. looking real good. I am also a one man show so I know exactly how it is.


Thanks again for the kind words everyone!

Hell yea I'm so stoked about reusing the soil. Since I run a perpetual, rooms are 4-5 weeks behind each other as I'm taken them all to ten weeks, I'll be able to store the soil for a month or so each time and let the magic start to happen. I'll have about 1000 gallons on hand and I'll just rotate it out!:banana1sv6::bug

2012 keeps getting better and better!

Im hooked on A1! Ill be a customer for life. The first day I met him I was blown away by his generosity, compassion, and love for growing! Even though it may sound odd, I look up to him because he is where I wanna be in a few years, his knowledge is otta this world!


I've been pushing the ladies pretty hard with nutes, 1300 ppm.

The ao is a lite feeder I'm come to the conclusion.
It had a nute lock out and I flushed with 40 gal of ro with cal mag and a little micro so I didn't rob it of trace elements. Then I gave a tea, I cut the light back to 600 and 24 hours later she is doing fine, perked back up.

I'm gonna drop down to 1000 ppm as the og is a little finicky, with slight nute burn.

My bubbas, headband, sour, are wanting more and love the 1300 ppm nutes!

So far I love gods nutes, just dialing them in.


Wow, the rooms look great! Thats alot of work. Can't wait to see how these finish, especially the Chemdog #4/OG


Thanks again for the kind words.

I'll be the first to admit that this first round won't be as perfect as I'd like it to be. First time growing again in a while, almost 2 years. First time with true organics, and first time I've ran so many strains, after this first round it will be 7 strains per room, 1 strain per light. So with that said anything that I pull off this first room will be a blessing. I'll be happy with 1 p or 10, I have no expectations. Not to toot my own horn but things are looking good despite the learning curve, not perfect but good. But I have to give credit where credit is due and it goes all to GOD, his nutes make it easy to get a good baseline and I have to remind my self that less is more. So far I'm happy with the flowering room but I can't wait to see flower room 2 blow up, that's what its all about in my head. I consider flower room 1 just a get my feet wet again and see whats up. And it will have given me time to dial his nutes in.

Nothing really to update as of now as far as pics go.

I'm gonna be finishing up the flower room 2 and the vert room this week and i'll post up new pics. I've gotta install the Santa Fe Max dry, finish the A/C work with my friend, install the trellis frames, put the trays on bed frames so they can roll away from the walls, put the screens on the trellis frames, weave the f outta the ladies, veg for another 10 days then they will have filled the screen out pretty good, so a little behind schedule but hey, whats the rush, i'm on mary j's time:banana1sv6::banana1sv6: and patience is a virtue, and I want the roots to fill the pots out a little more, so I don't see any harm.

Enjoy the show!
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