1st grow, a little advice please

Looks real good for your first plant, may not be true auto Gene's in there though if it's not started flowering, or at least doesnt start soon. Im aso noticing a tiny bit of downward cupping and puffiness on some leaves that indicates you've been giving them water a bit too frequently, before they need it. Make sure the pot is really dry before watering again, like, really dry. Not wilting but very lightweight pots. A lot of new growers have the idea that plants grow when we give them things, when the reality is they grow best when they have what they need and we stay out of the way. Often we are our own worst enemy and feed too much or water too often, we've all been there. Not a big deal, your plants look good. Just putting it out there.
Nice looking plant, as said above let her dry out before water/feed.
If you let it dry out to where it's light, doesn't that kill any beneficial bacteria or microbes you're trying to encourage? The top inch or two has definitely gotta be dead at that point.