1x 2016 Outdoor Fruitjuice (bbxww); Scrog.

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Well being my first attempt at fruit juice, I'm alreaady excited by it's aroma, It's gonna be a stinker this harvest. First images in the morning.

I thought i would briefly detail my old attempts in the past few years.

Maybe WhiteWidows?
These two were going to grow tall, I anticipated scrogging, but without much planning... This is what followed.


This is my guerilla mode I may have spent a total of 2minutes leaning it over before sneaking away (back in the house O_o)

eventually my insta job left a wound, which didnt heal too well, and to what i believe added to the plants adverse affects from the frost that came later in the fall. all the buds went limp and the stems under the bud were mushy inside... I learned what "caring" for a plant entailed from this grow. I missed opprotunity.

However I was blinded by its resilency throughout the summer-veg, saying 'ohh it's tough.."
impressive plant, as you can see by the top on the left dominating the growth.



This was the year after. Last year?? yeah... Right? idk... Mushrooms got me guessing..
only timeline shot i got on this old phone

Same proximity, upgraded surroundings.

prying eyes always require a warning.

she likes tennis balls, and quick sprints -for said balls.
2005-07-03 01.45.00.jpg

I guess I got caught up in the moment.


Good morning, Welcome Mum to the forums. She was started approx. maylong-june1st
I think I have pH shocked in one way or another. Maybe caused cal/mg issue, I will detail nutes later if interested. basically variety of adv nutes & genral hydroponics(?)

F Mostly sunny
Precipitation 70% · Wind 6 KMPH · Humidity 95%


ph burn there was patching twisting at the top of another one, lights too warm/red atm to get a shot worthy.


18°C Feels like 22
Sunrise5:43 AM
Sunset9:47 PM

(10:30am)Flush day:

Run off initally showed 4.5~
After 8gal, run off is closer to 5.5~
(pH dropper)
(sidenote: boiled water to bring temps up to luke warm)
I'm not exactly sure I did it right, or maybe could have added more water to the flush cycle. I wasnt prepared to see that pH so low on the run off, so didn't have water available.

last 3gal was similar pH + 1/2food + revive(N +Cal +Mag) + maybe too many beneficial microbes...

I recieved this plant, I'm going out on a limb to suggest the container already had a poor distribution of pH throughout, the person i got it from likes to lightly water, at the end of this limb, Im guessing it was never getting enough run off to keep the salt buildup & old nutes from rinsing out. run off was looking red initially, it's a pale orange now.

By my count im keeping this pretty simple.
Im going to look at it throughout the day & see what all the watering did for it so late in the morning.

All said, I have hope's it will turn around and start producing again. Since i've got the plant I have really felt like it hadnt done 'much' so I expect in the next few days, I get to water with a proper feeding.

Hindsight: when i recieved the plant i should have tilled a nice bed and stuck it in the ground. Rain or shine, im sure i could have accommodated the weather we have had. This however has set the plant back over a week.

observations aside, two pictures are enough to tell me that it's still growing.

July 1st, cooler mornings those past few days


This leaf shows what I've been concerned about, and thus leading to the flushing today.
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Lots of rain this morning. Partial poly canopy worked for today. Plant looks vibrant for once. Under Growth showing lots this morning.


~ maybe pH flux added to pale pink hues showing in the newest growth, later in the day I see that it's resided.

I'm Thinking cooler mornings and fair amount of humidity has been the state of affairs. weather temperatures on the cooler side may affect top growth?
With the canopy overtop, most calm rain is at bay, and morning dew isnt an issue.

Really I dont know, just with all that I've grown it looks like a symptom of something, not too worried.

Plant looks healthier over the day,
I Pruned small undergrowth, some noob knowledge of pruning idk. dont really want to be pruning for maybe a week. A last session for the girls.


No pics yet.

Thundersstorm & Windy yesterday took the greenhouse for a whirl. Left the plant untouched...
that is all.
Plants growth is getting heavier.


Rain day? Trim day...

Wed Afternoon
Light rain



Feels like: 16

POP: 80%
Rain: 1-3 mm
Wind: 25 km/h NW
Wind gust: 44 km/h
Humidity: 88%

Going through some threads, and getting some 'know how' from someone on the block, I got thinking it might be time to do something... just feeling it... some say 3week flower prune, some say right at trip, some do it over time, I tend to do this, but today needed some TLC to bring out some canopy options before bud sites start forming. Feels like: im running on a timer mid july lol.

I decided to leave the mainline ends. the main branches have just began producing a wealth of growth since the flush.
It was suggested to prune everything off the stem of a sucker branch. bottom to top, i tried this on two, i do not like the look personally.

So what i've come to recognize myself doing is trimming up the sucker leaf, and depending on possibly only asthetic reasons, i leave the top 1-3 leaves... size/loc/qual/perceptive value all play a part. optionally if that top leaf needs removal any opprotune leaf down the steam can stay. With this plant I've left all the top ends alone. I want expanding, stretching growth.

A little rule I think I have seen myself do over time is leave a large fan leaf off the main trunk for as long as possible, barring infestation.
I've read about sugars in the leafs being the nessesity for plant growth and health. So I try to take this in to account. But I think some personal assumptions of plants leave me to think that, not pruning a plant properly leaves it to grow stale without challenge. with exceptions I've seen stressed plants bounce back in interesting ways, suckers being shot up from roots(not cannabis) or the exceptional ability to reroot from mere leaves(jade plants) to cannabis stalk breaks that dont nessesarily impede it's veg growth. blabhlahblah...

So my little theory is that plants enjoy the prune/stress/training.

I'll update with images later in the day...
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+14 °C
4 m/s

Feels Like: +12°
Barometer: 1012.8 hPa
Dewpoint: +13°
Humidity: 93.7%


Pruned couple handful

result of test..

Do people see this exteme often. Is it practical? Just looking at it on a couple suckers.

"Last Picture until budd. Cheers."


Ps. Mosquito song tonight sometime.
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+17 °C
4 m/s

Feels Like: +16°
Barometer: 1017.2 hPa
Dewpoint: +16°
Humidity: 93.8%
Visibility: 24 km

Sun rise: 05:54

Planted her in to the ground last night before dark.

medium was near dry but damp on the bottom; about the timing I had in mind.

Early this morning I poured 3gal of revive/H2/F1/ mix around 6.5 pH.
Later I added 5gal of a food mix. (this I had to dilute back to get the pH close to 6.5)

If it takes, I hope not to feed it for a couple weeks...
I don't know really. ... just going with what I see.

Still on the fence with the pruning technique. I see better results leaving a leaf on the stem, at least one...
It'll get a chance to grow now I will review my opinion.

I think conservative action is better than cleaning it all off, thus far.
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End of month update:

Veg growth finally kicked in about a week after getting her into the soil. After an additional pruning of the mainline tops, and all the suckers at the top, I will leave it and cage-train the rest down. I theorize that pruning any later and into august, in Canada*, will result in a loss of time between the 'transition' into flower, I would maybe experiment on this theory when I have multiple plants to test. Thus again, I'm staying conservative, because I don't know. and will let the plant do it's job.

Maintaining floliar spray + horiticultural oil, may find some neem oil before flower. It's mainly thrips.. yay...
Have added a mix of micro nutes and a 1/4 1/2strength flowering additives bud candy, bud factor ect..

Have to nip my urge to water/feed the plant, I really don't know exactly what I'm doing, but the I think this is not the strain variety to be pushing it...

I would put up a pic but it may give away what it's going to be looking like in flower. Not sure what this month will bring if it's all veg/transition or will nugs show O_O...

August, here we go.



A quiet reminder to myself; This is why I want to grow, this is what I need to get away from.
Little runt roach outlier, is from a different breed of grower..

420 <3


Heavy rain today...
made shelter
later evening: mix of NEEM + Horticultural 5ml/l 2.5ml/l /oil, Rage, F1, Revive, In a better applicator than I have been using.

I applied what I think may be heavy dose? Few thrips each morning,

- If I see many burns detrimental signs, I would guess it's possibly too much oil content blocking its breathing mechanisms, or it's a combination of that and the higher than average foliar dose, approx. less than a week apart... so I will stop doing that all together... I don't see 3weeks of veg- without her showing little nugs. 55+/- flower / 15hr sunlight/ 3.3m/darker per day. & getting shade on either ends of the day cycle. I see this one flowering, but I'm hoping a week or more for some of the mainline to develop.

- Maybe rage is a bit old too.. not sure, little more stink that I remember...
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debating over the last week whether or not I've got the soil content too rich... getting it too hot each feeding maybe...

Dialed it back, 1/2 strength food, revive/Mg from BudCandy/approx. 6.5 pH/ F1/ rhino skin/

we'll see... My main goal is not to touch it much for a few days.. give it some space to grow... I think that's where I'm slowing it down... mitigate this next time by doing work to the plant in one go around. not bits of work over days... just some food for thought next season... each day is important, every day I leave it stressed is potential time out of the year,... potentially idk don't care much, learning as I see it.



+9 °C
2 m/s

As of 20/08 23:00

Feels Like: +7°
Barometer: 1013.8 hPa
Dewpoint: +6°
Humidity: 81.5%
Visibility: 24 km


Read, that the transition into flower can be a month - 5months

The aroma in the yard when wofted under the nose on a calm night, is that of a rich plant. Familiar to a berry hard to say how berry, not really berry, not quite flower fragrance; some sweating pine tree type scent, healthy,? close to sapling of a species I've never encountered. or a fruit tree (never really had smells). the scent Is infectious, reminds me a lot of the white widow I guess from previous years. but healthy. I mourn for the enduring conditions it goes through. cant seem to nail the bugs with the current neem and horticultural oils I got. rosemary and eucalyptus is my remedy as soon as I see a store. (*so easy to find those...)
I pulled it maybe I didn't mention it already. what was rectangular I've rounded some out to fill the sides out of the cube that I see it as ... I have been pulling and what not and a day later for 2days~ I've picked shaded canopy suckers under the bottoms, selected weak growth on understems to see if they'll strengthen... Have I messed with it in a stressful way as opposed to doing it all in one day? I think so, but this is the learning curve of pruning and knowing what to get and now that it's helped that bit, I want to leave it alone, but I think these consecutive morning/evenings whenever I get to it, maybe has the plant in a less vertical growth

Small gripes I cant complain about due to the amount of shade in a day. I have seen some other plants in a big canopy filled out fashion ~ smaller than this, and it's apparent what I'm missing, ol'Ra

next year things will be moved off the bush line.

practicing cloning outdoors, again, new strains not sure it'll be detailed much just maintaining through this legality not illegal.

Turning this into a journal entry may give me some insight to myself... I am missing the cold hard numbers what I'm feeding exact but I may lean as far as saying getting a little rich on the nitrogen. cold weather at nights and shade in the day and the lack of moisture in the soil evaporating. caused me to over shoot it's dependency on food and just at best been feeding lite lite.. all waterings will be 10+gal and diluted for now..

Leaf issue
underneath leaf removed or not there... green skin is translucent. this is on a sibling plant. almost feel like removing it...
wake up this afternoon to a knock, later check the plant and leaf repaired itself.. what bug? i'll check someday.


+22 °C
4 m/s

As of 22/08 10:00
Past observations
Feels Like: +20°
Barometer: 1004.0 hPa
Dewpoint: +13°
Humidity: 59.6%
Visibility: 24 km

Sun rise: 06:43
Sun set: 20:43

3 day outlook
Hi: +31°
Lo: +20°

Hi: +26°
Lo: +14°

Gonna be a warm one today so it was another day of fighting bugs as well

I vigorously hosed down the plant with a garden hose, ... not happy to do so(I've read about drawing nutrients because of this..), but I think aggressively hitting the bugs will allow the NEEM oil mix I later sprayed on, to be more effective.. I don't think it's enough to hold them at bay all flower, maybe for this week. Mix was NEEM/ Spray n Grow(zinc/ something)/ revive (n/cal/mg). lowered pH closer to 5.8- 1+/-1

airing on the notion I've got the food pretty high in the soil... wont be feeding too strong from now on till buds.. idk going with some sort of flow...

top growth on a couple are showing the pre hair..
maturity on the plants smell over time. after the wash today, it had a less pine more mellow-berry smell. working on my descriptions as I smell it... new skill for me to identify the smells (accurately).. I really like this smell though.

Albeit it, I've smelled a Blackwater and wow impressive powerful scents from 1month old plants
- love smells.


+23 °C
6 m/s

As of 28/08 11:00
Feels Like: +21°
Barometer: 1012.6 hPa
Dewpoint: +16°
Humidity: 64.7%
Visibility: 24 km

Pruned approx. 50% of the canopy, pulled suckers and small growth, exposed tops by removing smaller leaves before removing mature large leaves. overnight lows forced me to takeup mildew preventatives; more airflow.
running maybe a bit rich in nitrogen, maybe~


Couple warm days

Woke up to buddies everywhere this morning.

Made an assortment of pics.









I don't forsee a warm finish, but what can y'do

+24 °C
24 kmh

As of 02/09 19:00
Overcast and showers
Feels Like: +21°
Barometer: 1007.8 hPa
Dewpoint: +16°
Humidity: 62.4%
Visibility: 24 km

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few pics to share, leafs are coloring, either pheno or weather, either wouldn't surprise me.
I really cant complain, if it's the weather. It's humbling seeing what plants can do in a season.







tarpin for terps tomorrow, gotta enclose the garden.
Can anyone identify the flier, I thought I was witnessing it using it's mouth to eat white larvae bugs??


- heavy rains past couple days. powdery mildew on the soil, I've sprayed with earth garden fungicide as a test, don't want to use it on plants. Sulfur .09% ect..
Will remove contaminated soil anyway tomorrow, just testing.
will improve next year.


few days ago: sprayed the plant with a neem/milk combo... last spray,
stupid mistake not having a pH tester available at the time, I probably dropped pH too low. Always next year to improve... . . .

Today: cut the scragglers that weren't topping the canopy. juiced em.


bag of cored apple
umpteen leaves and buds (large handful)
Overdose of swiss chard

long after drinking hint of cannabis flavor, made me chuckle. otherwise I overwatered the drink and added too much SC, but it's a good beverage. simple enough; all outdoor.


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