2,400 watt vertical

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any help is appreacited.
3 600w lumateks,bare bulb ushios.10k btu lg window ac not needed
1 8in exaust fan sucking thru 8x24incarbon filter,6in intake.18in oscillater.
ppm 4,#20co2 20gal ice chest res,750gph h20 pump,gh air pump & cheap bubbling stones.
20 site 4in pvc tube with top feed no drippers.3in baskets inside 5in baskets.(dam i whish thay made a 4in basket!)3x3x4in rockwool.hydroton on top.
15 3gal smart pots W/f.f.o.f x 33%#4 perlite.(handwatered)
strain= bcbd purple budda.
lucas W/ro h2o,maxi bloom,cal mag ,liquid koolbloom,dry kool bloom.allso trying purple max 4 first time.
ph 5.6-5.8. tds.1123.res temp 50's
temp 60F nite-75F lites on. R.H 50%
(1 old nextgen 600w waiting on friend to re-enter spotlite!)
may b rename thred 2400w.pics day 15 flower


smat pots were an after thought.next run 2 more rows of tubes 4 a total of 60 sites.


2400w vert.

day 20.put that last ballast to good use.
hey admin's my b we could move this thread over 2 "grow diaries"?


ice ive been interested in using 600s in this manner guess im gonna have to sub to this thread keep up the good work bro


day 23-24.tank change day.used old tank to water smart pots w/purple max.
using cap vsc-dne 4 intake fan. this thing has stablized temp. i never hear fan @ max rpm.ac, still no need 2 turn on. cold light on temps 40f-50f.

Bobby Smith

Hey man, just rereading your journal, and I'm in a similar boat as you - made my contraption (avatar) outta 4" PVC, but was able to source 4x4x3 wyes so I can use netpots in 60 of them; 30 of them had to be 4x4x4 wyes, so I took a 3.75" netpot and wrapped it in one layer of weatherstripping - works great.

Also, if you wanted a more permanent and less "ghetto" solution, you could get 4x3 reducers - they're about $6 a piece (I know because I'm making a new base outta 3" PVC to reduce my diameter and am gonna have to use 15 of them).

Sorry for being so long-winded - nice update and the plants look great :)


ok been working on seting up a cpl of other systems 1 4x4x8 ,1 600w. & a stealth cabinit, 2 600w. these will both b hooded w/smartpots & lucas.(new diaries 2 fallow).
now back to the show.
a couple of things got me concerend.
#1-4in pipe too small. 6in would do it but dont know cost.
# 2-the borg. ive been using ed rosenathal mite spray alternating w/15ml per gal of azamax about 3-4 days apart.
#3-the roots half brown half white. i dont want to go adding anything crazy. probley use 7ml per L of H202 and dry koolbloom as i used 2 use back n '04.
#4-(more of an observstion)the soil & purpple max seames 2 wrk well in [email protected] least the stacker componet.more color allso but cant say if its soil or purp max.
foliged feed purp max 2ml per gal 4 all of plants.


Sub'd my man, all looks really good in there, diggin the D.I.Y., Peace SSP

Bobby Smith

Could you talk a little more about:

1) Why you think 4" is too small
2) The half white/half brown root growth
3) Res temps/pump flow rate
4) Water level; i.e., how high it comes up the netpot/hydroton

And you could take a pic of your exact netpot setup and how it sits in the 4" tees?

Thanks a lot,


bobby s , i was hopeing u would c this post as i can not pm yet.
1) ive ran a 4in 32site with 2 600's n xxl6in hoods. pulled 1oz per site.this being first vert was not perpared 4 root growth. ive said befor in posts that i was all ready leaning towards under current.
that being said the plants in soil & smartpots r pretty foolproof im only feading then once a week w/just run off & they r doing great.
2)the way the net cup sits in tube is probley riding 2 low in tube 1-2in total from bottom of net pot to tube clerence.the roots r probly 2-3ft long they spider web along the tube in side its probly guna b solid roots by end.
3)res temps 60F-50F cold. broke cheap fish tank thermometer this last tank change.but it sits in 20 gallon igloo ice chest on cement slab where temps never get above 60F out side of room.
3.5)750gph pump on 4 5min every hr the lights on.
who thinks i shold b watering once in the 12hr lights off pierod?
4)water cums all but 1in from top of t on low side of tube run. ive have a 90o 3\4in ellboon bottom of drain will b switching 2 45o ellbo 4 faster drain.
pics later on the tube & net pot .

Bobby Smith

John, I just looked back over the thread, and I can't find anywhere where you describe the system in a little more detail.

I assumed it was a constantly recirculating NFT (24/7), but now I'm thinking maybe you've set it up as an E&F?

Need to understand how your system works before we can really give any tips/ideas/suggestions.


pic worth 1000g.
bottom of net pot 1 3/4in off bottom of tube.
top feed no dripers. 4 tubes. handwartered 3gal smartpots.
gona go get purp trash ,mendo affgoo & purp dawg. clones hope theres still sum left.

Bobby Smith

So they get top fed for five minutes every hour, and they sit in stagnant water for the rest of the time? Do you have an airstone under each plant site?

Because I for one would hate to have water just sitting there for as long as you do, even if there was an airstone under each plant.
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