2 Gallon / 9 Station DWC Cooler

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How many plants can share a 2 gallon bubbler tank?

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2 Gallon cooler
9 2" netpot stations
neoprene covers
8 soil started plants
1 6" airstone


4 of the plants seem to be thriving, while the other 4 seem to be stunted, and almost looking like I should just put them out of my misery.

I've been checking the ph two times a week, changing the nutrient soup weekly, and have been using less than what I probably should be using for nutrients based on what I've read so far. I've survived two nasty rounds with root snot/goop, and it seems like the smaller close to death plants are the only ones that haven't developed a good root system.

Should I just scrap those plants from the DWC bubbler and maybe try to throw them back into soil, or does someone maybe have a suggestion of what I might want to do to improve the health of the runts?

I'm really hoping to grow all of these plants entirely in the 2" netpots all together in the same cooler as an experiment, and I know I should probably give each plant their own reservoir, but that's not my plan this round.

Thanks in advance for any advice/input/personal experience given!
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