2 oz plastic shot cups to germinate

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im just curious why people dont use the 2 oz cup to germinate seeds ? i have always seen people use 16 to 18 oz cups
2 oz plastic shot cups to germinate


I’m pretty much Like what GNick55 mentioned but in coco/perlite.i transplant in 6 days from shoot first appeared in glass of water.usually up in 3 ….once up ,fertigated everyday .allows great control of watering with excellent drainage.60mm D 50mm w.
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what keeps it moist in the fillament ?

3 layers of paper towels on each side of the bean.
All I do is the paper towel method standing on it's edge. DVD, video game, cd cases can all be used. I've even seen people use a ziploc baggie attached to the side of a fridge with a magnet.

Main thing is get the bean suspended above whatever surface at least 3"-4" in order to direct energy to benefit it's growth.
The first thing a seed does upon coming to life is figure out which way is up with the help of gravity.
If the seed is on a surface, gravity will cause the tap root to coil. Not good. If the seed is suspended, gravity will get the tap to grow straight and downward. And using something that keeps a well balanced and constant moisture like the wicking action of paper towels softens up that shell for ez shedding well before it's head is above the surface.
But yeah my preference is vertical germination, get the sprout at least 3-4" long and starting to fishbone, then plant in a 1 gallon container loaded with fast draining soil. When done well this process can expedite germination and the seedling stage to be anywhere between 11 and 15 days. 3 days to pop the bean at most and the rest to cultivate the sprout. By the end of 15 days there should be 3 pointer leaves and a firm main stem, ready to go into a fast growing veg stage. After another 15-20 days of veg then I upcan and flip to flower. Result should be seed to harvest in 90-115 days.

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