20x10 sealed grow room day 4 : RDWC setup

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Wondering if I can make space more efficient or if I have missed anything. Currently building out a 10x20 seal grow room. 8 bucket system. 12 gallon buckets, with 4 600RSPEC hlg ( 300 watts per plant). 950CFM air scrubber, 8000btu air conditioner with a dehumidifier as well. 20lb CO2 tank running 1200 ppm during lights on. Building materials left to be added are insulation - R13 for walls and rock wool for cieling and door bearing wall. Also threw kilz mold and mildew on back walls along with vapor boards against the cement walls. Left a 2in space between studs and vapor barrier. Will also be sealing off front of insulation with additional vapor barrier plastic sheet (overkill but for smell I figured it can’t hurt) cieling will have rock wool with plastic vapor barrier over rockwool but that’s it. Pipes won’t allow me to dry wall without spending a fortune on a plumber. Adding a drop cieling will limit my light to canopy space. Thinking this should be ok.

I’ve read mixed things about venting the room once a day but that defeats the purpose in my mind of having a “sealed” grow room right?
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Mostly just for fresh air .The plant respires at night using O2 so fresh O2 is good .
It's like fresh water.


Instead of having a plumber move everything or dropping ceiling just put studs above your walls in between the floor joists kind of like a fire barrier and just spray foam the ceiling in order to seal it
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Aqua Man

Aqua Man

So here is why i feel periodically venting is needed.

1. Its not if your not using a burner lol.

Now here is why i feel periodically venting is beneficial but not necessary.

High levels of o2 inhibit co2 uptake (carbon assimilation)

Plants produce about 10x more o2 than co2 they consume during photosynthesis.

We measure co2 levels but not o2 levels so this leaves us guessing.

Venting at tge end of lights out will remove the theoretical build up of o2 over the photoperiod.

Plant respiration (using o2 and producing co2) will continue in the rootzone. absence of light will lead to an increase of co2 over night as there is no photosynthesis consuming it. BENEFICIAL FREE CO2 to be consumed upon the start if the photoperiod.

So this is why i feel venting at lights off is a benefit but not at all a must and why i feel the best time to vent is at lights off.

If you follow my new grow thread i will be addressing a lot of this over time once i get fully going with the new grow systems i have designed to maximize both o2 in the rootzone and o2 reduction in the atmosphere with data.

Bit of a spoiler there so now ima go post it in my thread
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