28k/28plants RDWC Constuction of room and first grow....

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I was just hanging my lights this weekend and used these tubs to stand on and do my stuff. I'm not the smallest person and they held up just fine.

Will be posting pics soon, should be planting this weekend and I'll be updating.

Thanks NCT
Always supporting Groovy Hydro...........

Why Thank you SiR!

I assume you got your case A-OK? Looking forward to seeing the system live!

Chris Wolf


ceramic micro bubble air diffusers:


Heath's tree grow thread:


the work put into everything, especially the stands and cages!!!!, is astonishing.

there was a comment earlier on the depth in each container. are the outlets high enough or low enough? how did you figure out how deep you wanted the water in each container?

thank you and holy fuck that is amazing.


I had the room planted and everything was goinf fine all my girls were from 24" to 40" and then it all went to shit. Blew the transformer on the pole. I need a bigger one I think. I have a 200 amp service that Ive have a few sub panels ran off of. All my boxes, timers, wires and breakers do not get hot, some get warm but not hot at all. I figured everything out in amps and I'm running a total of 378 amps through the flower cycle. I really dont know what to do. Has anyone called pge and tried to get a bigger transformer. It has been out for three days and i'm gonna scrap the current grow and will be trying to figure out what to do. Any advice would help.


^Tom, I called PG&E for a bigger transformer... no problem. I did have to pay for it... if you call and tell them your power is out, you'll get a quick change out... when you're talking to the guys, let them know you would like a bigger drop and it'll be done quicker then if you have power.

Good luck!


Smart viewpoint, especially in Florida where that would just about be a mandatory life sentence.

Start your own thread (if you even grow) and stay out of other's threads who neither want nor need your opinion.

hahah fucking halarious this guys is a jack ass bobby lol


likes to smell trees.
Whats good Norcal T?

You were off to such a bangin' start... Did you fix the power?


Damn dude that fuckin sucks i was once again looking forward to another sick grow show and some bs has got to happen

I wanna make the plunge but still soooo many questions need to be answered!! I cant fall that hard

You blew the transformer bro? with a 200 amp panel I think they might think something was fishy was going on.
I dont know wtf id do in your shoes, id lose my mind losing my girls in that setup
I hope everythings good with you bro best of luck with everythin
Hopefully well see you in action sometime soon


First off, if you have a sealed room with naked vert lights, you can only grow about 22-25k of light at any one time with a 200A service (with matching AC/chillers/etc.). I know, I blew the wire off my pole twice. They upgrade my supply wire seeing as it melted. I had the police, firemen out and everything because it started a small fire below the pole from the fireworks... not a problem (the sealed room went to 86% humidity but no smell!)
If you rated over 350A on a 200A service, you had to know you were walking on thin ice.
Solution: Spend approx. $8k on upgrading to a 400A system. Tell them you need to run multiple welders simultaneously etc...
You've spent all the money on the right things so far (except for those shitty dehumidifiers), so spend another $8k and you'll be good to go! Be warned though, a 400A service box will make your current on look tiny!


Looks like a lot of space is gonna be waisted there if i may....shit ..id jam it least 4 8x4 tables in there and about 400 clones easy....4 seperate sys. to localize trouble and max yeild the space,minamise veg time..screw ounces per plant...gimme ounce per sq. ft. anyday

you're missing the entire point of this system apparently... :mad0233:


Tables, 400 clones.... years out of date and obviously never been handed over to the DEA before.... good luck with the gold badges, let us know how that works out for you.
NorCalTom.... you are going about it the right way, a professional tree farmer.
Keep focused and let's see you pull some monsters!


Sounds like he wants to get paid the big bucks and not do any work himself at everyone else's expense... Blaming everyone for your loss will never make you a winner at anything. There is a reason why you have not job, no home, no car, no friends and father that wants you gone. Find that out and overcome those few things first. Until then you will only taint and contaminate all those you come into contact with. These community of growers here have and are willing to put their time in, pay their own way and do what ever is nessessary to make things happen. Do this for the sake of you ownself. just some wise advice....Happy growing everyone!!! :-)


Hey Norcal

dds lives in norcal now, bought a house and land with some of his system money. If theres anything he can help you with let me know your info and i will pass it along to him. Hes there 6 months a year.


Hey Norcal

dds lives in norcal now, bought a house and land with some of his system money. If theres anything he can help you with let me know your info and i will pass it along to him. Hes there 6 months a year.

and he lives happily ever after in a land of milk and bho honey. BULLSHIT!


Thanks everyone for there support. Had to scrap the room and start over. Working to get going again and change a few things. I might start a new thread when things get going. Farm well everyone.........


Well good luck getting everything back up and running as I am ready to watch the show! Killer setup which once dialed in should give amazing results.
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