2x Auto Blackberry Kush from Dutch Passion under led

Hello everyone,

I would like to do a growdiary for my next auto grow. I have some xp with autos but I usually ran in coco but now I go with soil.

I will run in a 60x60cm tent, I will start with MH lights and i will change to mars hydro ts1000 if its arrived.

I choosed Auto Blackbuery Kush this time, I really like Dutch Passion genetcs so far.

Here is some picture from the packing at DP.


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All i run is autoflowers, if your gonna go with dirt i recomend fox farms ocean forest, add pearlite for airation, i just popped a samsqatch og bean in a 5 gal pot (Methisto)
Looking nice buddy, thanks for the stopping by, to be honest im fine with my lightmix at the moment, but as I mentioned i mostly a coco guy. I also mostly run autoflowers.

I love how big they can be in coco, but i hoping better taste from soil now.