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I am a new grower and have a 2x2 tent with a mars hydro sp150 light and 2x4 with a mars hydro TSL 2000 light.
My plan was to veg in 2x2, and flower in 2x4 so I could have a perpetual grow with harvest every 30 days, but my 2x2 is very full with a humidifier, one 5 gallon pot, one 1/2 gallon pot, and a tray for clones and I have 1 plant in 2x4 one week into flower in a 5 gallon pot.

I am now wondering if I should move my veg to 2x4, and only flower one at a time in the 2x2. Will you offer your opinion? Would keep things as they are, or would you make the switch I mentioned? Also, next time I was gonna try a 3 gallon pot vs a 5 gallon which would give more room in 2x2. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks


Veg in 2x4. Flower in 2x2. You can flower 3 at a time nicely
I don't think I can flower 3 at a time with sp150 light. I mean I can, but that light is not near as good as the tsl2000 light. If I do this I'd buy a new light for the 2x2. Thanks for that advice.
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