3 bears og (bear og x triangle kush) allso 1 purple kush if bean germanates.

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Final notes, 3 bears is an easy strain to grow, does not mind pruning, is very sensitive to nutrients, the yield per plant is smallish as flower is tight, compact and heavy, the weed is very good, it's worth growing but yield is small , off a 2 plant grow probably got 1oz of flower, waiting for ghost to finish and may try toofless alien, toof decay was a frost queen but again yield was on low side maybe with the addition of Ripley to the strain yield will be a bit better. No real problem till last 2 weeks when i had to turn humidifier off and fix ph bc of leaf blotch due to bad rh swings. Ghost is now 72 days old but sativa dom plants take a bit longér.
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