32 pot coco capillery action gro xxl budbox 600w x 2

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I am back fucking hell i forgot how much i loved this site even dow i pissed of the admin and felt unwelcome:brokenheart for a while but i also had a security issue.

but i got a new set up

2 x 1m by 1m tray wiv 16 pots in each and coco
xxl budbox

so i am trying to get sum seeds or cuts sorted .

i wanted to ask how much leccy is these two 600w gonna burn a month roughly?

and do plant grow faster in coco then soil?

i am new to the coco so i though try it big lol

Peace guys looking forward 2 chattin to u's
and smoking some dank


Rolln J

where I live 2 600's and the fans would run about 40-60 a month depending on veg or bloom...

it also depends on how much juice you use in your household, when you go over your allotted amount of juice and get into the second or third price tier they charge you more per kwh, up to double.


when is the best time to take cutting off a plant from seed, i got 4 of them lightly lst'ed and loads of side shoots are coming off but its only been 5 weeks from seed can i still take the cuts?




i thought that but i am sure i read somewhere that you cant take cuts till like the 2 month of veg growth?

crazy, any way i got my seeds today all left in damp kitchen roll

30 cheese wreck, 1 LA WOMAN and 1 SOUR Cream


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