3'x3' dark room grow

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I am growing in a darkroom with florescent lights and am fixin to change to HPS. Is 400 watts of ballast enough? Who makes most high quality for the dough ballast?Also with the grow in such a small space I need to use the height of my room to my advantage but cant seem to get the grow to go up instead of out what am I doing wrong? My yields are average . The weed is very good , but I cant get the height. Pots too small? I h ave only grown 2 crops. The first was a mix and second was Pandoras box(great) this time I am working with WhiteWidow and some SkunkXXX. I have read that some folks add molasses to their nuts . When? and Why? I have been sort of stumbling around this grow and making a lot of mistakes. I have grown a nice crop but want to take it to the next level. I have had fungas nats from leaving my soil outdoors . burning from too much nutrients and every other problem a monkey see monkey do operation has. Is there a chart for when to add what? I have the basics I am looking for the tips and tricks that really brings it home in a soil garden. Thanks,:pimp: old ford
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