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Goos stuff, BS. Glad to see the pentadecagon running! Are all of your lights running together at this point normally? What strain(s) is it in there? Watch out on getting those girls too big in veg, you could have a green out on your hands:D


Kaiser Puff

Glad to see everything is going well BS! I just finished putting together my quarter-colli, had to PVC glue the tees (sucks because the angles are a little off and can't fix it now) I had a guy that cuts custom neoprene collars make me some 4in white ones for my setup... waiting on them to arrive, pm me if you want the contact info.
Chronic Monster

Chronic Monster

Shady, thanks for checking in, bro - just checked out your thread, looking nice :)

Clones in the EZ are having issues (again, this thing is gonna be the death of me, but hopefully they're on their way to recovery) - also have been paranoid as fuck because of a police "scare" (not really *knock on wood*, hopefully just me being super paranoid) and have been thinking of tearing everything down............or maybe just tearing down the PVC and growing four trees in HP aero (in my state, the laws get UBER draconian if caught with more than 10 plants, and then it's kiss your ass goodbye if more than 20 plants, but less than 10 plants and I would probably just get probation or something).

Again, there's no one in the world who knows that I grow, there's no smell, my electric bill the past few months is probably lower than my neighbor's, and I don't sell any of my weed..............so again, I'm probably being paranoid, but I sure fucking hate some thoughts going through my head.

That being said, aren'tcha glad you asked? :confused0054:

Will have a real update in a couple of days when I see if these clones are salvageable or if I'm gonna have to start over again (might just use rockwool/Rapid Rooters to ensure I get rooted clones if I need to again).

I hope you have been out enjoying the fruits of your labors and the paranoia wasnt correct.:harvest:
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