4 green crack ladies i am currently growing

Nice was just curios my first ever grow was green crack from msnl seeds and they were big rock hard nugs, than years later I tried HSO and they were awful.
First time growing green crack seen good results though, nice plants mine are about 6 weeks into vege gonna flip in another 2 how many weeks did you vege those?
Update: Day 21 of flowering girls are still happy and healthy...I did a minor defoliation after the pictures were taken mostly just big palms that I could see that were obviously shading bud sites...I think I am going to add a 600watt mh just hang it with no shade on it down into the center of the 4 plants can't hurt right? Lol and also add another fan..here is some pics of the girls this morning not much has changed it's only been 4 days but I do see some growth for sure..
Super healthy and nice plants, good job man. Are you using some supersoil mix or are you feeding them nutes?