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Hi guys I'm not a real super good nutrient guy so I need a little help choosing a fertilizer to use with my #4 Sunshine Mix grow. I'm liking what I'm reading about J.R. Peters Jacks Pro line but which fertilizer should I choose ?? I'm kind of liking as an all round fertilizer from say 6 weeks of veg right through to flush.
Any help greatly appreciated !


If you go with Jacks there hydroponic formula 5-12-26 in combination with calcium nitrate 15.5-0-0 19% Ca IMHO is gonna be alot better then the 15-16-17 formula.

Sunshine #4 is just peat moss, perlite and a lil coco w/ a few additives for pH and even wetting so its basically treated like a soil except it doesn't have compost and/or humus and I don't think it has any nutrient value like FF Ocean Forest does.

You can use a bunch of different formulations with sunshine 4, anything from synthetics to fully organic. Just get the NPK Ca Mg ratio dialed in and you can add bennies or other additives if you'd like. Good luck.
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