4 X Mars Hydro Or 1x Advanced Platinum P 300

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4 by 3 area light 48 inches off floor growing vegetables and fruits. My question would 4 x Mars Hydro 300 be better than 1x Advanced Platinum 300. The 4x Mars Hydro will draw a total of 490 Watts. The advanced Platinum will draw 180 watts. More watts is better right? The specifications and real facts are all over the place I can't make heads or tails of any of it.


Yes and no. Its more about par output of the light better par for what your growing generally better pruduction. Ive used the mars before not a bad product for their specific market i know the mars 1200 uses around 530 w which would be better than the 4 300s and possibly cheape unless you need the flexabilty of multiple lights. Ive actually got tomatoes (for real not code) under it righ now and its doing rather well.

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