430 hps vs 400w hps


hi all, ive got a 430w hps on 2nd grow, i notice with the advanced spectrum 430watter the buds are growing and somewhat dense but no high quality thc resin on end product. i'm wondering about switching to a cheap 400watt specific HPS and hopefully have better resin. a cheap 400w hps is selling for $25 a hortilux bulb is $120
any comments or suggestions , i guess i gotta look for light spectrum charts for each light but to hard to do.

this i think is a worthy upgrade for resin, just money issues.
https://rapidledca.com/single-100w-logic-plug-and-play-led-grow-light/ (or quantum board tho in canada) or a SOLSheet

400w vs 430w for resin production.

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Quality buds can be grown with any grow light. I really like hortilux for hps but only pay $65 shipped for 600w super hps at plantlighting hydroponics dot com.

Environment and fertilizing is more likely to affect quality than 30 watts of hps.

Maybe show the plants and give all details and you will get more opinions.
I stopped using expensive bulbs (except for the 315's) a while ago. 27 bucks for 1k hps and I just buy new ones every 2 runs. No difference in qual or yield. Zero failure rate. Just dont see the point of hortilux anymore (again except for the 315's). I think replacing them more often is better then spectrum chasing. This is for SE btw not DE.