4K Original Diesel RDWC Scrog

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Greetings everyone!

Been a long time since I've posted pics of the gardens but I've been a long time lurker here so figured I should share something.

Here is my 4K Original Diesel Scrog. Vegging for about 3.5weeks and getting the flip this Friday (7-30-10)

Quick run down...16 buckets, 4 per light, Co2, 1/4 HP chiller, AC, Dehuey... All the usual suspects. She'll be going 70-75 days. Enjoy.

outside1 (2).JPG

outside2 (2).JPG

RO (2).JPG

left light on (2).JPG

garden looking out light on (2).JPG

g1 (2).JPG

g2 (2).JPG

g3 (2).JPG

g4 (2).JPG

g5 (2).JPG

g6 (2).JPG

g7 (2).JPG

g8 (2).JPG


I am running the same 16 4k setup and would like to know about how far each bucket is from each other.



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Really nice! Been wanting to switch to RDWC for a while now! Can you go into more detail on your bucket setup? Or shoot me a pm? I want to convert my 10k grow to a setup similar to yours(minus the scrog)Keep it rocking man!


Thanks everyone :)

Faijeo- Buckets are about 2 feet apart from each other.

Manicgrower-Thanks dude. Sure thing, what exactly would you like to know? Don't have enough posts to PM yet but its Blaze's RDWC tutorial build out with standard 1/2 in feed to 1/4 in spaghetti lines to 3/4 in return lines.

Fresh- Been lurking on your thread too man. Looking rad for sure. Thanks for the comments.


like I have been telling everyone I really like the bio bucket idea but I think its better to ditch the net pot and instead fill another 5 gal with holes in the bottom with lava rock.

either way we shall soon see

Oh and I also updated my returns to 1"


True Grit- The OD cut here is the Headband/Daywrecker/Original Diesel. She is Chemdog 91 x (MSS x NL#5). Old girl and a favorite :)


Week 1

Update. Pictures here are from 3 days after flip. One girl on the left was not establishing itself well and was very much the runt of the group. Culled her out and I believe the rest of the plants should still fill in her space nicely.

Trimmed up the bottom growth beneath the screen and topped off the controller. Need to do a bit of leaf removal up top but will wait until the begining of next week to let them recoup from the removal of all the lower growth. Going out of town for a week and will update after I return for the begining of week 2.

Left side
left side.JPG

Right side
right side.JPG


Below screen growth removed

Left underside

Right underside

Until next week....

end pic.JPG




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Subscribed and looking forward to the next update, have a good holiday :)


Week 4

Hello there! Sorry for the lack of updates. Was gone for longer than I expected work wise.

So, I left in my opinion, as the worst time I could have wished for,as its the stetch time and time to get things in settled as I would have liked. One oversight was that my lady who was looking after things, did a great job topping off...but is terrified of topping and training and "hurting" the girls hehe...so I can say I came back to a healthy garden...but WHOA OVERGROWN!

Had I actually been around to train them properly and clean things up fan leaf wise I could have made a much better,spaced out canopy. But basically I was able to leave the grow, have my girl take care of the topping off and general maintenence shit, and come back 4 weeks later to a still solid running room, so I'm happy none the less..

Here is what I came into after I nervously opened the doors!

Lights on untrimmed_resize.JPG

Lights off untrimmed_resize.JPG

leftside untrimmed_resize.JPG

rightside untrimmed_resize.JPG

center untrimmed_resize.JPG

So I was quite surprised to say the least...and had to get in there to do some serious training and deleafing if this project is still to be successful. So here are the plants after some love and care. I still need to do more deleafing but wanted to give them some time to recover in between. Updates again soon...

looking in trimmed_resize.JPG
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