5 x Glueberry autos 1st grow

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So here we at at day 30 from seed, I still think they are a little behind, but not too worried overall as they look pretty healthy, they're still on 19/5 light schedule, under a 1200w led unit which is 30" above them, we really didn't expect all 5 to survive our practice run in our 4x4x6 tent, so now we're kind of freaking out about space, I've read quite a bit about scrogging, and we don't agree, the hubster wants to let a couple grow normally with no interruption or training, I really think we'd give all 5 their best chance by having all 5 under a net, opinions and alternatives welcome on this, another disagreement is the lighting, I think personally the light we've been using is adequate as it's doing a good job so far, hubster wants to switch to a 600w sodium light when flowering starts, is this going to be adequate, also I'm concerned about the heat that comes off those bulbs, again neither of us really have a clue what we're doing, and I do appreciate the fact that yes if we switch the light it frees up the led for more seeds to get started, but my view is if its not broke don't change it,
I know they're not ready for any of this yet, and I am talking a few weeks minimum ahead, but do like to plan ahead.

Any glueberry growers in the house please? Have read its meant to be one of the easiest strains to grow, and it probably is for those who know what they're doing lol, very interested in people's views on taste, yield, potency, etc, weeks to grow, seed to cut.
I have been checking our plants daily and noticed 1 leaf, see close up pic hubster thinks it's been chewed by a bug, I'm not so sure as have checked the soil, stem leaves with a 30 loupe and can't find anything moving.
We've started them on molasses in with their feed today, noticed that the tent odour has changed from a green leafy smell to a nice weedy aroma, with notes of blueberry. PH of soil is between 5.5 and 6, our plants range from 8" - 10"

Cheeky little side topic, mum's been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and suffers bad with pain, I read there's a chemical called thcv which renews blood cells and can help with strengthening broken bones etc, can anyone recommend a strain strong in thcv that won't be too overpowering for her, hubster has COPD and chronic pain since his bike accident 7 years ago he also has severe anxiety and psychosis, but likes a strong high weaker strains do nothing for him, then there's me ptsd, severe anxiety, ocd, severe depression, I've found anti depps just don't work for me but cannabis takes the edge off and helps me sleep. I do feel really cheeky asking but looking ahead to the next gro it makes sense to grow what will help our individual needs, I'm not looking to make any profit, just make life easier for us, any recommendations would be very much appreciated, am in UK so info isn't as available,
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