50 cuts1 container... Is that considered 1 plant or 50?

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"Root grafting in trees refers to morphological interconnections occurring between roots of the same tree (self-root grafting), of different trees of the same species (intraspecific root grafting) or of trees of that belong to different species (interspecific root grafting)."


"Trees of the same species growing close together will sometimes fuse their roots and exchange materials. And seedlings of different species can share nutrients via mycorrhiza, the symbiotic fungi that grow alongside and between tree roots"

50 cuts1 container... Is that considered 1 plant or 50? Because the roots join together linking each individual plant making one giant nutrient interchanging root system and thus 1 plant. What do you think? You can even put different strains in the same pot and they will graft to each others roots making 1 giant root system with 50 branches extending vertically. Root grafting is an old trick where you plant the right plants of different species or the same together so they have 1 root system that makes all the plants benefit. Increase resistance to all sorts of things and the ability to ferry needed nutrients from one branch to another the plants get a social ability and talk to each other. Like a gigantic lazy river traveling to each branch of the huge plant. Does anyone else do this?
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