500 lbs. of Marijuana Found on Fabolous' Tour Bus

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500 lbs. of Marijuana Found on Fabolous' Tour Bus

Posted Feb 23rd 2009 12:30PM by Sharks
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Arkansas Police seized nearly 500 lbs of marijuana on a tour bus returning from NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix, this week. According to the driver, the bus was allegedly escorting Fabolous to Boston to pick up "a rapper whose name he couldn't recall."

Though Fab was not on the bus at the time of the seizure, the two men who were arrested, Edward Thimas, 52, and Robert Morris, 44, claimed that Fabolous had loaded the marijuana into the locked compartment, as well as close to $6,500 in cash, which the police also confiscated.

Though both men agreed that the marijuana belonged to Fabolous, according to the police reports, their stories conflicted regarding the pickup of the drug shipment.

Thimas claimed that Fab had told them to drive the marijuana to Boston and contact himself and "the other rapper" when they arrived, to pick up the shipment. Morris, on the other hand, alleged that they had driven "three rappers from Atlanta to Phoenix," and were transporting the drugs to Boston, where they were meeting the rappers, who had flown ahead.

Due to their conflicting stories, the men were arrested for possession. There is no word at this time as to whether Fabolous has been questioned regarding the case.

Fab's fifth album, 'Loso's Way' is scheduled for release this April.

Source: http://www.theboombox.com/2009/02/23/500-lbs-of-marijuana-found-on-fabolous-tour-bus/


wow...I like his music. Too bad..hope he gets outta this pickle. 500 lbs...that's not just for personal use, I'm thinking. Share da love!


You've got to figure, if the authorities are claiming 500 lbs.- it's closer to 300 lbs. If they are claiming $4 million in pot- it's closer to $1.5 million. And if they found $6,500 in cash- it was $16,500 before they helped themselves............. they are all rat bastards.

Lastly, no one is mentioning why they were stopped, why they searched and how they found it?????? It's a set-up (and I bet it's cheap regular to boot!) and smells very dirty.


Don't know about you guys but if i was moving that amount, surley you'd have some joe doing the heavy lifting, Can't see fab loading that shit himself, unless his sales have seriously dropped. That skinny dude would be sweating his ass off loading 500 pounds lol.


Arkansas is a shit hole...when you cross their border they pull over anyone suspicious and bring out the drug dog especially if you refuse consent to search. My advice is avoid Arkansas at all costs, even if you are totally clean, do not go through Arkansas!!!!


I can't believe that his people would even try to rat him out like that. STOP SNITCHING!!!!!!!


Haha. Not my boy fabolous. On the bright side, his record sales are going to increase exponentially after this incident.


that's a good publicity stunt but these days he just shouldve had 500 hundred mix tapes and still got locked up.


sounds to me like a publicity stunt ... wouldnt be suprise if he dimed out his own bus , now all the hype will make him 20 million is sales ..


i agree with whoever said arkansas is a shit hole. i worked there alittle after katrina and it was complete shite! fields and fields and woods. probably a great place to grow it tho. alotta nothing there.


Since the Willie Bus bust these LEO look for private tour coaches to pull over. After all, anybody that can afford to travel that way got's to be doing something illegal! LOL

And yes Arkansas is a good place to be from. AWAY from!



Well he sure as hell ain't making any money off his music lately so I can see why he might be moving 500 elbows. "I can't deny it, I was f'n riding with dank chronic weed, got snitches in the truck with me." Sing it Nate Dogg.
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