5K Coco Beds

Sup everyone. Been awhile since I've done a thread. Gonna detail the buildout of my personal garden. Was running a bunch of tents when I first moved into my new pad but I've been converting it over to an open sealed garden and dialing in my grow methods.

After trying some different methods I've decided to convert everything to coco beds. I've been rocking coco for awhile now but I just got turned onto the beds this past March. I've been keeping it on the down low but it looks like the cats out of the bag now. Gotta give TrueGrit props for being the first person to turn me on to 200gal smart pots in 4x4 trays being bottom fed.

When I started my garden was full of tents as I had just moved into my pad and because of my job I wasn't around for long enough periods of time to fully build my garden. It took me about 5 months from moving in just to get time to be home for a 200amp upgrade.

It's finally starting to take shape though. I have the capacity to run 6K in my flower room but I'm going to start with 5K as I'd like a little room to move around.

Here is what the room used to look like.

Started by taking out some carpet and getting some light outside of the tents.

Mounted some ballasts and routed a bunch of cords...

Tried doing 5 10gal smart pots per 4x4 tray and a 200gal smart pot bed. Ended up liking the bed a lot more. This bed got zero veg time.

I'm feeding with Dutch Master Gold Base Nutrients, their add.27 and silica. House & Garden's Drip Clean and Beneficial Biological's Sea Green.

Eventually i'll be doing some beds of this Sour Strawberry Kush pheno i got from a pack of seeds I grew out last year.
So i'm about to finish up this run. I did 3 lights in 4x4 trays. Two trays of LVPK and one tray of assorted plants. A ChemHazeSourDxLACon cross. A sour bubble pheno. A sour strawberry kush pheno and a couple more LVPK to round em out. The coco bed i did was filled with a ChemHazeSourDxDeepChunkGoo cross i call crystal chem.

Here is a pic of the garden a couple weeks ago..

And here are some shots of the 4x4 coco bed... these plants had zero veg time

The crystal chem really likes to foxtail.

Bout to take a bunch of clones for the next round. I'll be getting 4 more stands installed as soon as they come in to my local hydro store and as clones start to root out i'll be filling out the trays. Probably 15-20 per tray depending on the genetics. Always easier to plant more and thin than regret not planting enough.

I'm stoked to try this method as if it works i'll be able to eliminate my veg tent and just have moms and clones to worry about. It'll be interesting to see how the beds fill out with my other genetics. :joint:
thanks for the kind words man... taking a break from the uc for a bit. My girl manages my grow now and i'm still easing her into everything. Also, because of my girl, plant counts aren't as much of an issue anymore and i just find it easier growing plants with the shortest life cycles possible; less time for things to go wrong.

On another note I'm trying an experiment using a chiller on my reservoir and no air stones. Trying to eliminate as much equipment as possible. Running a sealed room my reservoirs can get up in temps without a chiller and it seems once it gets hot things have a tendency to fall out of solution, create films, and swing in ph. Airstones seem to accelerate the process so i'm seeing what happens without them. I grow in coco so d.o. in my reservoir isn't a priority.

Gonna be chopping tonight; will get some pics up of the LVPK, sour strawberry, sour bubble, and maybe a couple more of the crystal chem and that chemhazesourd x lacon cross. That one really tamed the chemhazexsourd's tendency to foxtail like it does in the crystal chem.
Took a bunch of pics last night... star of the show was the sour strawberry kush i grew out... bog genetics... i had a 10 pack of seeds and 9 were female. I've grown them all out and the 8 is the keeper hands down. I have a different pheno i kept that yields like crazy but it has a more skunky flavor and smell. The 8 is way more strawberry and the smell carries over to the taste when smoked. This is the second time i've grown it from a clone of a clone of a clone so i know that the traits aren't going anywhere. After seeing how its come out this time i believe the skunky pheno is going in the bin. I got all the skunk i need from frostitute and double strawberry diesel not to mention the crystal chem.

Speaking of the crystal chem here is a nice pic of it right before chop. Light got a bit too close at the end and caused the tops of some colas to start growing again. Didn't want to raise the light as the bottoms of these plants are rock hard. Also didn't spray this one with reverse this time and nanners popped up right at the end. Will spray it the next time to see if they don't.

Here are some more shots of the sour strawberry kush... she's a sexy bitch to say the least

Everything was chopped at 73 days, I'm a busy guy what can I say. They're drying in an 8x8 tent with a humidifier, dehumidifier, and a 6" vortex matched up to a carbon filter in the garage. Should be a nice cold slow cure. :joint:
Outstanding brother! Mouth-watering! What bulbs are you using bro? Also what is the spread between lights to square footage?

Great grow brother!
stoked to see this and chat with you bud.
Serious inspiration.
Get up some shots of that lvpk and frostitute, those whore cuts bg tossed to everyone.

epic nug shots. gonna bust out all those 5l samples and bottles from 6 months ago and give em a whirl.

moarrr pics
Outstanding brother! Mouth-watering! What bulbs are you using bro? Also what is the spread between lights to square footage?

Great grow brother!
bulbs this round were hortilux eye 1ks...bulbs are 4ft apart... going to be doing 2 rows deep 3 bulbs across... room is about 14x10 in the area i'm flowering... its bordered and closed off by a 5x5 and 4x8 tent on the sides there aren't walls... might build a wood frame and stretch some poly over it to reflect back the light but dunno yet; i'm not super handy

stoked to see this and chat with you bud.
Serious inspiration.
Get up some shots of that lvpk and frostitute, those whore cuts bg tossed to everyone.

epic nug shots. gonna bust out all those 5l samples and bottles from 6 months ago and give em a whirl.

moarrr pics
for sure man; got a bunch of them in the trays now; just waiting on some roots
wonder how many other people still have the lvpk and frostitute alive

Pics, so frosty. The trichs COVER the plants and those buds look absolutely delicious. great job!
thanks man... mag sulfate plays a big roll in the trick coverage... i'm using dm gold and their add.27.. the two together have a ton of it

Very nice grow!.. Are u gonna built bigger beds or keep it the same? Looking good I'm seeing more and more bed grow...back to old school...rock on...
yeah... was going to buy some more metal trays but they were on back order... over the holidays my boy mcpuffin came through and built 6 badass 4x4 tray frames on casters... looks like it's going to be a 6K coco bed garden.... 7K if u count the 5x5 veg tent i can roll my trays in and out of i got setup now

Nice bud shots.. They look super tasty great grow
thanks man... your grows always look sick as well

But i'll post an update with some pics soon.... got everything in one room with some room to spare. 6K flower space. 1K 5x5 veg tent. A 4 foot 8bulb t5 in a 4x8 for moms which sit on a 3x6 tray over a 70gal reservoir plumbed for ebb&flow with a chiller. Also setup a res for flower nutrients; 55gal drum with a 1/4hp chiller. Going to use a sump pump and water wand to feed the beds. Put in a new RO unit as well. Growonix 1500gpx with a booster pump dialed to 80psi; it kills my old hydrologic 200gpd... same gpd, if not more with the booster, and only one membrane instead of two... some clutch shit for sure

I'll be cleaning up the room all nice for a photo shoot soon enough. Also some dry shots and weight from the 4x4 tray of cchem... everything is curing up nicely and those trimbins make hand trimming way less of a pain for my girl ;)

Also i've discovered that while ARS grape pruners suck for trimming they absolutely own when it comes to cleaning up and taking clones... wide curved thin blades with rounded dull points... saved me a ton of time i felt like a jedi ninja after a couple trays they work so well... i shall take some pics of those as well.. haven't seen them in many shops but they are worth searching out if you take a lot of clones... they kick ass for day to day pruning of moms and whatnot as well... just not so good for trimming as the wide blades get gummed up insanely fast

hope everyone is having a busy and productive 2012... stay safe

BTW little update on my res experiment... the res i setup had much thinner plastic sidewalls than my other one and leaked light like a mofo... now with everything in my room redone i'm running the old res with a chiller and no airstone... everything seems fine but i've yet to mix flower nutrients as i have nothing in flower at the moment