5x9 tent grow. Need advice

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So I am currently having solar installed on my house and I want to start an indoor grow. I have a 6 plant greenhouse in my backyard that I have been running for over a year now. So I am just in the planning stages for the indoor grow. I am having 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits installed in my garage, so I have 40 amps to work with total. I figure a 5x9 gorilla tent will work best with 40 amps of power available.

Here is my wish list so far:

Tent- gorilla 5x9

Hydro- trying to decide between current culture 12 pot RDWC system or a green trees ebb and flow 12 pot system. Cost is definitely better for the green trees ebb & flow, but if the extra $1k is worth it for a current culture evolution 12 pot system.

Lights- I am looking at gavita 1700e for lights. I would need 2 of them for a 5x9

Rest of equipment-
Water chiller to keep reservoir at 65 degrees.
A/C to keep tent at 80 degrees.
I already have a large humidifier and dehumidifier. I plan on keeping all equipment outside the tent and only have circulation fans and the plants and lights inside the tent.

If anyone has any tips on equipment for this setup, I'd appreciate it.
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