6-11-31, Calcium Nitrate and E Salts

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Hey guys. What I’m doing is as followed, any advise on which I can do better is appreciated.

DWC. 5 Gallon Pails for each plants.

6-11-31 - 1.15 grams per litre.
Calcium Nitrate - .85 grams per litre.
Epsom Salts - .42 grams or half of Calcium Nitrate.

Ends up being 16 litres that I fill the pails up to.

Do math everything x 16 litres:

18.4 grams = 4.4 teaspoons. Of 3-11-16.

13.6 grams = 3.2 teaspoons. Of Calcium Nitrate.

6.8 grams = 1.6 teaspoons. Of Epsom Salts.

I boil water and mix the calcium nitrate and Epsom being they’re harder to dissolve. Let cool add to water. Fill the rest of the Pail up to 16 litres and add the 6-11-31.

Both combined but not mixed together initially. I’ve lowered the dosage on all evenly so 1/3 less and I still may be seeing a burn/curl on the tips again.

I’m confused being I’ve used this ratio with ten smaller plants in a tote before and they grew extremely well.

But following the same in one isolated 5 gallon pail seems to be at the moment questionable.

Looking for someone to check my work here. Thanks.

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