6 site 8k DIY UC

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great build

i had similiar issues with my system. i used same totes as you. drop me a pm if your still having issues. i think i figured most of them out. i lost about 8 months from the day i started lol. tough but now i got it pretty much dialed now. ladies are strong an healthy no brown crap either.

good luck with it man just stick it out and learn as ya go


IMHO whenever you have issues with root rot I would start over. The RDWC systems are so supercharged that if you have problems like that in veg your gonna have to deal with it again, after mo money mo money. I fought a system like yours for 5 months and at times it ran like a champ but when something goes wrong it goes wrong fast and there goes the farm. You can get new root growth but the "root ball" the center you cant get to still has it and at the slightest bump in the road it's back like herpes. That stuff stays in the plastic, pipes buckets cracks all that. Good luck brother.


Ended up transplanting out of the system into 10 gallon smart pots full of Coco. Finished out the run. Got a lil a over a pound each on 5 of em and around 1/2 pound on the weakling.

I just wanted to be done with the run so I flipped em around 2 foot tall. If I had waited till 3 foot plus easy 1 1/2 plus each.
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