6kw second UC run

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Changed the layout of the system this run. Instead of the 25 inch centers, I went to 37 inches width wise and 31 length wise. Last round the plants were way too crowded.
The room has a 2 ton excel AC, santa fe dehumidifier, CO2 , and a 1/2hp chiller.
Hoping for feedback and advice along the way.

Buddy Flowers

looks fuckin nice bro. what strains you running? nutes? i'll be watching.


Nice set up. What are the total dimensions of your system? I was thinking about a set up like this once I get another card. Clean set up man


very impressive. nice and clean setup. i've noticed everyone i've seen running a uc system always seems to have a very clean, tidy and organised setup. might buy one myself see if it helps me clean up my grow room, lol.


Nice Looking Set up! Whats Your room Size? Are you vegging in separate room or in This one? Lol We need details man! Subbed in and pullin up a chair!


Thanks for all the kind comments!
The strains are all from seed and include 2 LA confidential, 1 Catarac Kush and 9 querkles (4 of one pheno 5 of the other. I've only ran the LA before so im hoping the rest arent too stretchy.
House and Garden nutrients full lineup and cal mag. Didn't run cal-mag last and had deficiencies. So cal mag full strength this run.
Shady I do have a few pics from last round ill get up soon.
Biggs- the UC definately helps motivate you to keep a clean room.
The room is 12.5 X 16
Right now its just one room so im vegging under 4 lights in there.

The clones were in pretty rough shape going in and really didnt have too many roots, two died overnight

But the UC has been doing its thing and todays day 15 veg, transplant shocks way gone and the plants were topped maybe 4-5 days ago. Got most the cages up too.




Impressive Growth for day 15 Good Job! are you running H&G at 1/2 strength?
Your room is going to fill up fast!


Im running house and garden with RO water, but didnt use the feed chart yet. I just set the system to 450ppm and then bumped it up to 550, no changeout yet. Cal mag didnt seem to raise my ppms too much. Last round I followed the feed chart full strength ( no shooting powder) and the plants didnt show any burn until about week 7 the ppms kept rising and ph would drop. So im hoping to go by the plants and use the feed chart as little as possible.
The LA confidential puts out some huge fan leafs. Anything below the top struggles to get light. Last round I chopped the tops, stripped the fan leafs and let em go another two weeks.
BudGoggles, no plan but id guess another week+
Clones were rooted in an easy cloner.


Things are running smooth! Gonna change out the water for the first time tomorrow.
DAY 17

Day 18


Chillin' in the Shade...
Gorgeous gals brah! Love those burpee cages as well... How long do you plan on veggin'? :wondering
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