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Platinum Pre98 6W LED MPD / Current Culture Combo

Hello Thc Farmers,

This is my second MPD run and I finally tracked down the genetics I was looking for.

The first pictures are from the clones that were vegged for 3 weeks under a 600 watt 6 watt LED grow light and just yesterday put into this new flower setup. In veg this led is faster growth than 1000w MH.

The next is my flower room set up is basically a 10x24 room that is still being setup as we speak. It will have 4 plants done every 3 weeks.

The strains in this grow will be 2xPlatinum 98 Bubba(coffee/purple one), Purple Kush, Valley OG, Chem Valley Kush, Black Bubba and Sour Grape (Sour Diesel x Grape Ape) and I still have room for one plant.

My setup is all about natural cooling as I will be using no A/C and I will be using 1 Gallon Frozen Ice to cool my water instead of a chiller and a smaller amount of water in the reservoir to get the maximum cooling from the ice and so I can keep the water at 70 degrees while running the pump intermitantly(?).

To achieve no AC I will only be using 6 x 626w 6W LED Arctic Sun grow lights that produce no heat while only using about 500 actual watts each and 7x 1000w HPS(lower if needed for no AC) max for 8 plants now (12 plants in the 6 weeks) in a 10x20 room.

I will be running the room at night and pumping air in through the windows.

I am keeping my reservoirs in the room to drop the overall room temperature and I will be cooling them with 1 gallon frozen ice containers to keep the temps under 70 degrees.

The Current Culture style requires alot less pumping action because you pump into the first bucket and let the 2" PVC and gravity do all of the work for you.

I am going to have a perpetual harvest going of 3 different growing phases seperate by 3 week time periods and in the picture you see the first two.

This way I have 4 plants done every 3 weeks instead of 12 plants done at once. This will also allow me to run much less light and heat to achieve the same yield.

***This method of placing the 4 plants in the previously unused areas and running 3 cycles increases the grow room efficiancy by 50%.

Using these LEDs hardly adds any heat and increases the end quality and resin and not to mention as the final weight significantly.

The setup consists of 2 sets of 4 plants on 2 seperate 50 gallon resveroirs.

Each set of 4 plants is connected with 2" PVC and water is pumped into one end and drained through each plants container to the end bucket.

Pump to first Plant ------2" PVC-------Plant -----2"-----Plant----------Plant--1" drain to res

Thanks for taking a look.

I will put up more pictures once I get this mofo setup.
Nice wood grain
98 pk and valleyog
Black bubba
Silicone calking rules
Ice cold baby
Platinum pre98


Still need to go to buy some more parts to finish setting up.

Hopefully this pre98 bubba will get me nice and motivated.
IMG 1806

Farmer Jon

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Those ladies are looking lovely!!!


Good Evening Gentlemen,
I am still in the process of setting up as I have had to go through several rounds of silicone calking and it continues.

These samples should help me get going though =)

Ice cooling the buckets is working very well as the temps stay between 60-70always.

I set up the 6 LEDs and they are bright enough without any of the 1000w HPS on.
Its incredible how bright these 6 watt chips are even 5' above the plants. I may bring them down as I normally use them about 18" or so but we shall see.

I plan to run 3 4 plant systems in this area but I am 3-6 weeks away from adding the next 4 plants into the setup.

Turning all 6 626w LEDs on at once raises the the temp in the room from 61 to 63 degrees. This is amazing to give the MPD room this much light with such little heat.

LEDs are definatly amazing for MPDs.

The perfect grow room is a balance of natural cooling, 1000w HPS and LED so we can start saving huge amounts of energy.
Two 4 Plant systems
Just LEDs on
Pre98 Bubba


Hello MPDers

Mostly got the setup done. I am holding back a on few bulbs until they get adjusted to the light.

Ice cooling is where it is at.

Also I am testing 3 different sizes for this run: 5 gal, 10 gal (recommended), and 20 gal.

Happy New Year
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20 gallons are too much. go with the 10 or better yet the uc 13s


This is unique. Looking very forward to seeing the HPS with LED combo.

Can you tell us more on the ice cooling? What is the total amount of water in your system?

What is ambient air tem?

How many 1 gallon cubes of ice are required in the res to keep temps under control?

How long does it take for the ice to melt (Thus cube replacement?)

Have you considered more cubes but smaller (say 1/2 gallon) as this would increase colling capacity due to surface area however would melt quicker. Guess if its not broke and working well, why change it.

Thanks for this thread brother. Looking forward to the update.


An interesting system, why don't you insulate the pots and pipes in the UC system to reduce cooling needs even further and use less Ice.

I assume you don't add co2 due to venting the heat.


Hello, I noticed you using arctic sun led 6W panel. I have this LED panel and have many troubles with it :sweating Maybe can you help me? Some sugestions?

Overhead parties of leaves are rolled and they wither. I don’t know what is wrong? Is this too high temperature in my box or UVa rays are harmful for these plants? I haven't any ventilation in my box but earlier I was used CFL lamps and have no problems even without ventilation. I was remove UVa shields. Is these safe for MJ? And please write me is this lamp is good for bloom time only or for grow and bloom? Thank you for your answer in advance. I was totally destroy my plants and I have no idea what is wrong. :sweating

Sorry for my lame english. :)

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