For Sale (6x)Rainbird 8-Outlet Manifolds (aka octobubblers) + (47x)1/4" Barbed Ball Valves - 70$ w/ free shipping!

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Offering six of the Rainbird 8-outlet manifolds (aka octobubblers) and 47 of the 1/4 inch barbed inline ball valves for 70$ with free shipping. All of this equipment new via amazon prime would be upwards of 210$. The octobubblers are very easy to setup and very cheap compared to some of the other feeding systems out there. The inline ball valves have 1/4" barbed fittings on both ends, and allows you to customize how much water each watering site/plant gets. The equipment has been used for 2 runs, then cleaned thoroughly and sterilized with a 10% bleach solution. Very cheap and easy setup for someone looking to get into auto watering! Cash App only, or paper currency if you're willing to send first.
Ball Valve 1
Ball Valve 12
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