A/C to vent open hoods? (my first post!)

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Welcome to my first post! The post is more of a question, nevertheless, I am excited to be here. I have little knowledge to share, but what I do I will gladly offer to you fine souls when I can.

Anyone ever heard of running a/c ducting through your hoods, without the glass, as the intake for your A/C? The reason I am asking this question is because of the many growers I talk to about lighting, the seasoned growers invest in pricey a/c units and do not cool their hoods. They claim that the glass prevents the large yields they look for and 2 per 1kW is quite common. In addition, the added light assists with bug and mildew. I am skeptical for obvious reasons.

But it got me thinking...which keeps me up at night...and makes me post random questions on cool websites....

What if I were to run my ac unit into my hydrofarm hoods without the glass? I have asked so many people this question and I get so many random answers.

"You'll push to much heat into the canopy."

"Without the glass, it'll do nothing."

"I don't know, bro, can you try it and tell me?"

What do you guys think?



everything is a preference

I have pulled almost 2# per light with air cooled hoods. Yield probably could have been better with strain, and some more skill.

With air cooled hoods, you can go closer to the lights

I have usually run air cooled hoods till now, just cause of money and I am using what I got and the hoods can not be air cooled.

If you are not going to cool the hoods, I would not bother running AC to them. Just get some fans and keep air circulation plentiful

the reason larger growers dont use air cooled hoods is simplicity. It takes time to install manifolds, ducting and seal all that ducting. It is alot easier to hang hoods, and just crank the AC

For some of us we are trying to maximize lighting while keeping the electric bill reasonable. its cheaper to remove the heat, than to cool it. legal med ops dont care about huge electric bills.
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