A Few Mistakes On Overwatering-Gorilla Glue Automatic


Hey so the girls finished the end of week 6 looking super happy again 😊 this hasn't been easy this run watering which had quite a few mistakes on overwatering though giving the girls an extra day between watering seriously, it's much helped under ViparSpectra P2000 and XS4000 LEDs .

The girls are growing amazing and some girls are in the ending stages of there flowering cycle putting on weight and growing dense buds , at the moment the girls scout cookie's is gonna be finished for week 8 dead on and is ultra dense , something these girls are with thicker stems , more support , denser flowers and overall general health seems really improved moving away from the HPS , going to start some on Terra aquatica RIPEN for thoes colours coming to the end of flower 🌼
This week we able to describe weather they taken there indica hybird or sativa genetics also weather growth is going well or bad depending on specific strains. All girls are now in flower so there colours are starting to show in one of the dosidos having nice purple buds

Girl scout cookie's
Amazing growth from the smallest plant is nearly at harvest with massive dense nugs its truly a little freak of a plant displaying the purple leaves underneath
The other girl scout cookie's is doing amazing and was left to grow normally the other in LST went hermi on 2 weeks previously which was a sure disappointment being the biggest plant at that time but growth seems great on this strain for harvest times although plants are smaller than which normally get the yeild might surprise at the end.

Gorilla glue
Sporting a solid structure and vigour like which only ever seen on anything containing gorilla glue genetics and going into late flower now , one plant is seriously feeding a high level of nutes , greedy beware and make sure to keep plenty of everything at hand for max growth . Some leaves are starting to show slight defenices alothough im not worried as towards end of flower this plant is ģonna look seriously cool

A few mistakes on overwatering gorilla glue automatic

A few mistakes on overwatering gorilla glue automatic 2

A few mistakes on overwatering gorilla glue automatic 3

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