A Foliar Morning.......

The Indoor, 43 and 36 days in - the last Sulphur treatment they will receive... (SAFER'S Garden Fungicide concentrate at 1/2 oz (15ml) per 4 l.... )... + Dutch Masters PENETRATOR 5ml/l. For Powdery Mildew and to a lesser extent Spider Mites (none seen yet this year Fingers always crossed.)

The Greenie: Dutch Masters FOLITECH 30ml/l (1/2 dose as on label) + PENETRATOR 20ml/l

The Moms and veggers: Just got AZATROL (for insects) 1/2 oz 4l + 5ml/l PENETRATOR, two days ago, so only PYRETHRIN (sp?) on a time-release sprayer in the dark for 6 hours....


Koosh Leon
Those Cheeses in da Greenie responded VERY well to the 1/2 dose of FOLITECH. Rich green - lush growth continues... Fingers pointing to the sky.

SAFER Garden Fungicide (tm), did most of its' work... I still see a few spots this AM, but it was necessary to be careful to spray NOT the buds - as they are at day 45 out of 62 or so.... So, I may have missed a few spots.

Will be able to go in there with BIO SOY M, one more time (due to its' gentleness) since I was able to get a few bottles before they went over to the new product SOYANARA, which IMHO is not as good on Powdery Mildew as the original product, BIO SOY M.

Pyrethrin Time-release sprayer on in the dark today, in there. A product ironically called CLEAN AIR IV, lol.

Summer is a time of preventative spraying against Mites, especially. Powdery Mildew is always a concern.

Last summer/early fall, I won the battle against the Mites Indoors Moms and flowerers, (obviously the Mites are a superior life-form), even though I saw about 25 of the Buggahs in the flowering room. That is not bad, and it was an isolated case. A stressed plant which I promptly brought outside to finish.

The year before, I almost lost everything to the fuckahs. My fault.

Now, I take at least 4 showers a day, and never go into any room unless I am clean, and attired in sunglasses and very little clothing - all clean.

So far so good.

In a couple weeks, I will go to a hut in the 12/12 area for the remainder of the Summer/early Fall, to simplify the climate and hygenic control.

Good on y'all - - - - - Stay with it.... The more one puts into it, energy-wise, the better the results.