A friend of mine is a hydro genius lol

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I have a friend whom linked up for some hydro assistance.

Turns out he had bud rot due to high humidity. He says both of his meters say 100%. He thinks by switching to soil he will decrease his humidity lol. He's in his basement. I told him until he fixes his environment, his medium won't matter.

The most interesting part is he doesn't even know how to use a ppm meter or pH meter lol. I don't have pictures, but before the buds started getting dense the plant grew amazing. He is a big time gardener and has an outdoor hydro system. His weed is grown inside with issues but his outdoor hydro grow is perfect... Which again is why I told him it's a humidity issue from his basement.

I told him to ignore soil lol, That if he can read plants that well, to where he don't even need a meter, then he will make an amazing hydro grower once he understands charting lol... I'm just blown away by how he can fix issues as they arise just by looking at it.

Anyways.. That's all I wanted to share.
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