a little confused ....

Hey all,

Been trying to get some info on picking up some soil.
Stopped by Avalon and was told that no soil was available, and that it may not even be offered in the future. Yet i believe I've seen post of some people who have purchased it.

Can i get some clarification on availability please. Thanx
Okay so I attempted the following google search: "avalon soil california"
Nothing relevant returned. I typed "avalon soil" and looked in the shopping tab. No dice.

Soil, as in dirt, is everywhere. Are you looking for a specific brand of soil? If you cant find it, perhaps you would appreciate reccomendations on other soil brands. If you know what was special about this "avalon soil" then maybe we can find one with a similar build.
Relax,im sure the schwoopster or one of his boys will chime in here soon,if they are gonna take it off the menu im sure theres a good reason but from all the initial reports people were loving it so we'll see,If you need to know right now try calling them at 1-805-4A1-soil.