A Mix Of Randoms And My Own Holy Grail...

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King Julien

King Julien

So I have a small collection of seeds I've saved from very good bags I've gotten over the past year. I also found some seeds I didn't even know I had from some of the best bud I've ever grown or smoked just a few days ago and that kind of sparked this into being.

This go around I'm gonna document things from start to finish.

This is what I'll be vegging in...

And this is the 400W I'll be vegging with...

Where I live it's hard to buy a bag and know that it's what the dude says it was. So while I got these seeds from some northern lights...

I have no idea if it was actually northern lights much less if it was crossed with anything. I only know it was some pretty decent stuff so I saved the 2 seeds I found.

Next up I've got a seed from what was supposed to be some cryptkeeper crossed with skywalker OG kush...

No idea if any of that was true but it was very potent stuff so yet again I saved the seed I found in it. Yet again, no idea if further crossed if it even is what is was supposed to be.

Lastly I have the holy grail of seeds I own. They came from a plant I grew many years ago. The best plant I've ever grown and one of the top 2 best buds I've ever had the pleasure of smoking...

They were sativa leaning and finished in 9 weeks. Turned purple whether you liked it or not. So frosty as to appear white in almost any light until you broke it up and saw the purples spread throughout it. Were just a little delicate. But boy oh boy the bud!

It had a smell of the absolute sweetest grape candy with a nice sharp sour note to let you know it had some real flavor. Tasted like grape candy and piney goodness.

It also could put me in a stupor for 4+ hours with a single hit from a pipe. And that was while I was smoking 4+ grams a day of really good bud. Just not that good. Grew it for at least 4 full cycles.

Life happened and I had to let go of the mother and all of the clones and it was the saddest day of my life. I've yet to buy a bag that came anywhere close and haven't grown anything as good since.

I didn't even know I had these seeds until I found them a few days ago. I'm not 100% sure they will all spawn seeing as they weren't stored the best and they are going on 5 years old. Finding them though made me go screw it, I'm starting from seed again.

And they only could have crossed with themselves or with a plant that my current oddball plant originally seeded from. So worse case scenario they are crossed with some bud that is a heavy and quick producer and has one of the best fruity terpene profiles I've ever tasted.

If the plants from them are anything like the mother I will be eternally grateful to the gods of the ganja.

I'll also be planting a handful of the seeds I've got going from my current grow in my signature. Aurora Indica crossed with an unknown sativa from the same company that was 17' tall by the time it was found and chopped. Just going to use them to fill things out.

Last time I started with a total of 11 plants. One was a known female clone and of the rest I got 5 females so 50/50 isn't bad. So this time I figure I'll plant these 6 seeds and another 6 of the AI cross seeds. I'd be happy with 6 females from it as long as I can get at least one of each.

I'll be planting them in soil and placing them in 1 gallon pots for the time being. Once they are 8-12 inches tall, depending on hardiness, they will be transplanted to DWC.

I'll be putting these in soil tonight or tomorrow and finish setting up the ventilation at the same time. I'll put up some more pics once I've got it all put together.

Here's hoping I get something good!
King Julien

King Julien

Good luck on finding a treasure and look at Chemdog : it was random bud seed found from a Purchase of a random dank at a concert and it changed the industry per say

Well the best stuff I've ever had was from random bag seed so I always keep my fingers crossed when growing randoms.

Haven't planted yet but I got new seed today from a friend that came from some fruity purple stuff that was really stony and trich covered. Gonna add it to the rotation. Pics coming by tomorrow of new set-up.


Good luck on finding a treasure and look at Chemdog : it was random bud seed found from a Purchase of a random dank at a concert and it changed the industry per say
I have a 2 Chemdog 91 bag seeds from a bag of some dank from a reputable dispensery. 2 seeds in the zip and they are my prettiest girls so far. Week 3 flower.
Got cuts of each.
And the cycle goes on. Lol
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