A word to the wise for all those seed only growers

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I know this is nothing new, but it is very true.
I am no expert, but after growing for quite some time now, I have come across a thing or two, so let’s just say I am an expert on what not to do. The one most important factor that has increased my potential for growing great weed was just by growing one pack at a time and sticking with that pack or strain until it was gone. My experience is that mostly all reputable seed breeders these days are creating great seeds for us to grow and there is at least one or two gems in every pack but it can take the whole pack to find them. To clarify, if you are like me with no access to clones and grow on a small scale by seed only I have found it is most beneficial to grow and finish one pack at a time. In my case I can grow up to 6 females so I start 12-14 seeds and early on I would pop up to 5 different strains just a few seeds at a time thinking more was better but then wondered why it was so hard to find something special, sometimes I got lucky with this method but mostly never returning to that pack/strain because the few seeds I grew out were nothing memorable, WRONG. Not only did my seed container become filled with half empty packs it made me seed crazy, thinking I was missing out on the next great thing, so I bought up more seeds that I could ever grow in this lifetime almost to the point upon my death they would be among my most valuable assets. Now because of my strict regiment its been well over two years since I purchased seeds and don't miss it a bit. Even if you can only grow 2-3 females at a time it becomes much easier and quicker to find the ONE by sticking with same pack. Use the pack until its gone don’t quit on them!

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